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Ho Chi Minh

BUDX Ho Chi Minh City Essential Info

All of the information you need to attend the BUDX Ho Chi Minh City event

  • In association with BUDX
  • 2 May 2019
BUDX Ho Chi Minh City Essential Info

BUDX Ho Chi Minh City is a three day immersive event of music, art, dance, live interviews, interactive workshops and more.

Who can attend?
BUDX is for everyone who is interested in how music and culture converge, and of course loves to party. If you are interested in gaining industry insight or getting up close and personal to your favorite artists, BUDX Ho Chi Minh City is for you.

Key themes to be addressed at the summit:

Vietnam has a complex and fascinating cultural history. Now, a new generation of artists and cultural thought leaders in music, art, fashion and identity are rapidly evolving to create a unique world. Here we explore and celebrate some of the most exciting and individuals and movements.

Trends come and go, but there are always those who break the mold to become trendsetters, seizing the moment as leaders and innovators. Here we’ll explore what is currently trending in the world of Vietnamese music and culture – and how these trailblazers are shaping the future.

Here we recognize the cultural pioneers from the past, present and future. We explore their amazing stories – from the highs to the lows – and with help from successful artists and industry professionals, attempt to inspire young artists to think differently, pursue – and achieve – their dreams.

How much does it cost to attend?
The daytime summit and nighttime shows are free to attend but you must RSVP.

How can I RSVP?
You can RSVP easily here to reserve your spot for events. RSVP does not guarantee entry, so arrive early to avoid disappointment. If you are press and would like apply for a press pass contact budx@mixmag.net

Can I bring a guest?
Yes, you can RSVP with a plus one but any additional guests would need to rsvp

Where is the event?