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People want to boycott ​Berghain for charging €5 re-entry fee

Berlin's prestigious nightclub​ has also decided to use wristbands instead of stamps

  • Cameron Holbrook
  • 12 September 2019
People want to boycott ​Berghain for charging €5 re-entry fee

As of September 7, Berlin's high temple of techno, Berghain, made a change in policy that has some the club's regulars furious.

On top of an €18 entry fee for admittance into the coveted nightclub, Berghain will start charging people €5 for re-entry into the club when it used to be free. On top of this, the Berlin hotspot has started using wristbands as opposed to a stamp. Because of this, some Berghain regulars have decided to boycott the club until they reverse the new policy.

"This is delusions!" reads the Berghain Klubnacht Boycott's Facebook page. "A lot of regulars who make Berghain Berghain on Sunday night and Monday closings do not have this money to spend. Or they will keep on staying without leaving for a break and increase the rate of drug abuse problems inside club. Either one is not cute!"

With over 500 people participating on Facebook, the boycott plans to run from now until October 31. If nothing happens, the group is imploring its member to extend it to "a proper three months."

[via: Electronic Beats]

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