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​Bassnectar releases first techno track ahead of underground club tour

A new side to his musical persona

  • Frank Seahorn
  • 1 April 2018
​Bassnectar releases first techno track ahead of underground club tour

Bass music innovator Bassnectar, aka Loren Ashton, is taking his sound to a new realm by releasing his first techno track ahead of an upcoming run of gigs at intimate nightclubs around the world.

More commonly known for producing face-melting, earth-shattering, yet dreamy and melodic dubstep, drum n bass, electronica, hip hop and various forms of electronic music, Bassnectar has built a cult-like following throughout his career. Even is fans have their own name, the Bass Heads.

Titled ‘Relentless Bass’, the new techno track is exactly as the name suggests. It features rolling and relentless bass riffs with just a high hat rhythm clicking at 130 bpm. Simple, yet complex, hypnotic, yet exhilarating, the new ballad is pure dancefloor magic. With this one dropping on the heels of his latest album ‘Bass Bass And More Bass’, Bassnectar’s new techno material showcases just how diverse his sound can be.

Next up for Bassnectar is a strong run of gigs at underground venues, including Glasgow’s Sub Club, Chicago’s Smart Bar, Brooklyn’s Output, fabric in London and of course the techno mecca in Berlin, Berghain. Fans will get a much different Bassnectar set than his sold-out stadium performances, so expect tickets to be in high demand.

Listen to the new Bassnectar track ‘Relentless Bass’ streaming exclusively on Tidal’s new underground-focused app, Tsunami.

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