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Avalon Emerson artfully edits the music video for her ‘Natural Impasse’

A creative interpretation paired with a new track due out on Ghostly International

  • Harrison Williams
  • 16 November 2016

With a forthcoming release set to drop on Ghostly International, Avalon Emerson has shared the EP’s lead track paired with a kaleidoscopic music video directed and edited by the producer herself.

As the lead track to her ‘Narcissus In Retrograde’ EP, ‘Natural Impasse’ sets the tone of the release with dusty percussion, a gritty bassline, steady rhythm and an uplifting melody that shines as the track progresses.

Showcasing the many aspects of her artistry, Emerson also delivers a unique video to compliment the track. Shot with her personal phone camera over the course of about six months, the random visuals are enhanced with what can be described as pointillism with emojis.

As Emerson describes, it was a difficult task creating the trippy aesthetic: “I trimmed each video, turned them into gifs, and processed them into various emojisaic gifs using a ruby utility created by my friend Lucas Mathis, then I edited them all together, a process that took me about two months."

Avalon Emerson’s ‘Narcissus In Retrograde’ EP is set for release on November 25.

Watch the video for ‘Natural Impasse’ and view the EP's tracklist below.

Harrison is Mixmag's East Coast Editor. Follow him on Twitter here

01. Natural Impasse
02. Dystopian Daddy
03. Why Does It Hurt
04. Groundwater

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