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Berlin is launching a legal cannabis distribution scheme

Intrigued as to how this one turns out...

  • Dave Turner
  • 16 November 2016

Using its power to introduce its own laws, Berlin is looking to roll out a trial of legal marijuana distribution.

In "scientifically monitored pilot project", the Social Democrats, Greens and Left party are pushing to launch the "controlled distribution of cannabis", with Max Plenert of the German Hemp Association hoping the project will prove to politicians that a monitored drug market can be a success.

He said: “This is a pilot project with limits. It’s an attempt to advance the discussion about how things could be different. It won’t have a massive effect on the market for drugs as a whole. But as with other pilot projects concerning drugs, it’s a chance to show politicians and the press that the topic isn’t such a big deal. And that could kick-start larger changes."

The UK could learn a lot from Germany. Earlier this year, authorities ruled that the activities of Berlin club Berghain will be ruled as "high culture" and this is another example of its progressive way of thinking.

California recently voted to make cannabis legal in the state, with Colorado also legalising it last year.

[Via: Dazed]

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