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Alex Niggemann has mixed the next Balance compilation

Featuring tracks by himself, Gui Boratto and Dark Sky

  • Dave Turner
  • 25 September 2016

German producer Alex Niggemann is the latest to head up the Balance series.

His edition of 'Balance presents' is released on October 28, featuring two tracks of his own, alongside productions from Dubspeeka, Brazilian producer Gui Boratto and Etapp Kyle.

Trevino and Daniel Avery also feature as they turn in remixes of Dark Sky's 'Rainkist' and Ricardo Tobar's 'Garden' respectively.

Talking about the release, Niggemann said: “For me it was important to create new ‘songs’ between each track during the transitions between them.

"For me, a 'mixtape' was always about that; trying to avoid obvious changes and create a fusion between songs, keeping the same mood, so the listener doesn't hear a new song coming in, but realises after a few minutes that there was a change.”

Niggemann joins the likes of Magda, Deetron and Stacey Pullen to have taken charge of the Balance compilations.

Pre-order the compilation here and listen to preview below.

1. TVA - Radio Camaldoli Stereo
2. Andrea Oliva - Empty Lips
3. Dark Sky - Rainkist (Trevino's Heartbeat Remix)
4. Gui Boratto - Joker (Dave DK Mix)
5. Ricardo Tobar - Garden (Daniel Avery Remix)
6. Alex Niggemann feat The Shadow Self - Hurricane (Club Mix)
7. Trikk - Volta
8. Dubspeeka - SK4
9. Baikal - Pelican's Flight
10. Philipp Stoya - Rula
11. TVA - Stolen Jacket
12. Speaking Minds - Monongahela (Denis Horvat Remix)
13. MUUI - Rsrsrs
14. Aril Brikha & Sebastian Mullaert - Illuminate
15. Valent - Crisis of Faith
16. Etapp Kyle - Opto
17. Alex Niggemann - Divergent
18. Antigone - Blue Note
19. Ø [Phase] - Astryx

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