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Ableton's new interactive site teaches the basics of synthesis

Learn synthesis in your browser and on the go

  • Cameron Holbrook
  • 25 June 2019
Ableton's new interactive site teaches the basics of synthesis

Ableton has created a new, interactive website called Learning Synths to teach interested producers the basic principles of synthesis. This new website is the follow-up of Ableton's 2017 site Learning Music, which walks interested parties through the inner workings of their DAW.

Learning Synths can be accessed on the go via mobile browsers or on your desktop. The website caters to non-musicians and anyone with little to no experience in synthesis - teaching step-by-step lessons that cover everything from envelopes to LFOs.

For more experienced synth enthusiasts, the site offers "playground mode" in which users can mess around and start patching their own synths.

Check out Ableton's new free and interactive synthesis class here.

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