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A postman folded a vinyl to fit it through a letterbox

Royal fail

  • Dave Turner
  • 13 May 2016

Nobody wants to make that trip to a dreary delivery office to collect a package, do they? But there are some things, like a vinyl record, that just won't fit through the letterbox. Try telling Royal Mail that, though.

Despite the word 'fragile' being plastered across a square package, one impatient postman, maybe someone with no inclination of what physical music looks like, decided to fold it in half for one unlucky wax collector.

Sharon O'Dea, from London, ordered the unidentified record for her husband and didn't hold back on Twitter after she'd seen the state of it.

Unsurprisingly, O'Dea said her "vinyl junkie" hubby was "livid" when he found out, but to make matters worse, all Royal Mail could do at first was ask her to fill out an online form to sort it out. The postal service has now apologised, but unless it's got any members of staff that can bend stuff like this kid in The Matrix, that record's got no chance on a turntable.

Could this mistake be the vinyl straw for the postman?

[Via: Metro]

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