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New vinyl pressing technology looks to produce 24,000 records a day

No more waiting months for a pre-order

  • Louis Anderson-Rich
  • 31 January 2017

A new technology is being touted as the upgrade vinyl production desperately needs to keep up with the current demand for records.

Record orders have been stacking up for manufacturing plants the world over because of the format’s resurgence, causing long waits between the announcement of a release and customers actually getting it in their hands.

But now a company called Viryl Technologies has produced the WarmTone machine that is said to be able to produce 4,000 records a day due to its better trimming/tracking system and sensors that check everything from temperature to pressure. There's plans to have six WarmTone machines running at once, producing a total of 24,000 records on a daily basis.

There is currently only one machine in use in Dallas but a second one is to be installed in Toronto by early February.

Watch a demo of the machine below.

[Via: What Hi-Fi?]

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