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A McDonald's manager is accused of selling cocaine with burgers and fries

When customer service gets a little bit out of hand...

  • Dave Turner
  • 6 October 2017

If you've read about these ridiculous drug stories, you'll agree that this allegation of a McDonald's manager selling cocaine with meals deserves to join them.

Frank Guerrero, 26, was arrested on October 3 after allegedly selling $10,900 worth of cocaine to an undercover New York policeman on eight separate occasions. At least two of those are said to have included him handing the drugs over inside a cookie bag, accompanied by a larger bag with burgers and fries.

NBC New York reports the alleged deals were made in the toilets at the McDonald's building in Pelham, New York. Prosecutors say 100 grams of cocaine and an amount of crack, which added up to a total of $6,250,

During a search of Guerrero's Bronx home, police are reported to have found 200 grams of cocaine and $5,300 in cash.

Guerrero had been working at the fast food restaurant for eight years.

Check out the gallery above to see what the New York Police Department seized.

Dave Turner is Mixmag's Digital News Editor, follow him on Twitter

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