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A bunch of Google employees shipped lobsters out to Burning Man

Add a five star dining experience to your Burning Man glamping experience

  • Mixmag Staff
  • 6 September 2017

There's certainly no way to do Burning Man like the way tech bros do it.

Glamping was taken one step further this year when a group of Google employees decided to fine dine at Burning Man this year by ordering a batch of live lobsters to Black Rock City, fresh from Maine.

The group overnight shipped a 10-pound box of live lobsters to the Google offices in Sunnyvale, California on Friday before, journeyed to the desert on a two-day road trip. The lobsters were subsequently enjoyed for dinner at Burning Man.

"They said it was very fresh and lively,” a representative of the lobster shipping company said.

Be on the look out for five star reviews for the newest Black Rock City installment of The Red Lobster.