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11 photos that prove Kurupt FM are certified fashion icons

We snapped the 'People Just Do Nothing' crew in their freshest garms

  • Words: Charlie Case | Photos: Riya Hollings | Styling: Riya Hollings and Lewis Munro
  • 6 January 2017

In 2016, Kurupt FM had their biggest year to date. After chalking up a BAFTA nomination for Best Scripted Comedy for People Just Do Nothing at the start of the year, the Brentford crew took their comedy antics and UK garage to the festival circuit, DJing at the likes of Bestival, Reading & Leeds and Wireless.

On top, they presented us with a celebrated third series of People Just Do Nothing and even got the chance to take over their own Warehouse Project night, putting together a packed line-up with Big Narstie, General Levy, Oneman, Wookie, Mike Skinner and more. But, while comedy and music have remained at the forefront, they’ve been equally eye-catching for their unique style.

As founder MC Grindah says, “We’re fashion icons, mate. Look at us.”

We spoke to each member of the crew about their outlook on fashion and what it takes for them to look so fly.

DJ Beats

Mixmag: Who are your fashion icons?

DJ Beats: “I’d say Grindah, and I’d say maybe if I did have to go somewhere smart maybe Jatham Stayfus. He’s sick. I’d say body-wise he’s an icon, although I’ve been referred to as a hobbit a few times. Frodo Baggins meets Jason Statham: that’s my look.”

MC Grindah

Mixmag: What role does fashion play in your life?

Grindah: “Fashion’s just a part of me. It’s a day-to-day ting. If I buy Nike 110s, you lot probably call them 95s, but we used to call them 110s cos they cost £110 back in the day, it’s aerodynamic. If I need to run away from DTI and all that, they’re perfect for it. To me, it’s all within me. I don’t even look at it as fashion. I look at it as life. Fashion equals life. People are always like, ‘Rah you’re always dripping in Mosh. Can I touch it?’ No, you can’t touch it. Get your hands off me. I’m like a museum. ‘Don’t touch’.”


Mixmag: Where do you get your clothes?

Decoy: “It’s all a bit funny these days. Everybody buys their stuff online and second-hand, which is crazy. All my stuff is legit from back in the day. It’s just not the same any more. I haven’t bought any garms since about 2009. At the moment vintage fashion is all in. All the Moshis are coming back, but like I say I haven’t just got into Mosh. I’ve been into Mosh since 2001, so it’s nothing new there. It is a bit funny seeing everybody in it. People were blind to it before, and now they see people like us. And they ‘re like ‘Yeah yeah, what are they wearing? That looks sick. I might get some of that’.”

Chabuddy G

Mixmag: Do you spend a lot of time thinking about your look?

Chabuddy G: “I actually don’t. I’m a very free-spirited guy. You could say I’m a fashion whore, a fashion slut. I’m very free with my fashion. I get up and I will have sex with any kind of style. If it were a sex thing I’d probably be filled with fashion chlamydia because I’m very open and very free. My legs are always open when it comes to fashion garments.”


Mixmag: How would you describe your personal style?

Steves: “My inspirations are from raves really, rave culture, the fashion that goes with raving. So it’s often waterproof because you have forest raves or I’ll wear the hat because it’s all-terrain and in a rave it keeps your head warm. Sometimes I’ll black out and disappear for two days and even I don’t know where I’ve been, and I’ll get back with a new jacket on and I’m like, ‘This is alright. It’s quite sick’.”