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What the hell happened to David Zowie?

The greatest one-hit wonder of a generation has gone worryingly quiet

  • Words: Funster | Illustration: Alex Jenkins
  • 14 September 2016
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Sure, it's hard to follow up an absolute ripper like your chart topper but other DJs have managed to keep it up. We think you just need to get back in the studio and just bang out another belter. Bashmore smashed it out of the park with 'Battle For Middle You' and then 'Au Seve' and now he's released an album through Island. You'd like an album on Island wouldn't you? Or your very own island?

Please, David. We know you have so much more to give. We want it. Hell, the world wants it and it's actually, dare we say, a little bit selfish that you'd deprive us of more bangers. We know Bowie passed away but that doesn't have to be the end of Zowie, it just doesn't. Despite what a handful of people on Twitter think. So come on, let's get that fighting sprit running through your veins again and get you back in the saddle.

We promise if you produce something else we'll listen to it and maybe even share it. We just want to see what's in your arsenal. Be that king of the world again, be that big shot you were born to be and fill our ears with your sweet slammers.

We repeat our question, David, where are you right now? The world is waiting.

Funster has woken up with 'House Every Weekend' in his head for 300 consecutive days. Follow him on Twitter

Alex Jenkins is a freelance illustrator and regular contributor to Mixmag. Follow him on Instagram

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