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What the hell happened to David Zowie?

The greatest one-hit wonder of a generation has gone worryingly quiet

  • Words: Funster | Illustration: Alex Jenkins
  • 14 September 2016

David Zowie, where are you right now? You stormed onto the scene like you were king of the world, and you know what, you fucking owned it. 'House Every Weekend' was the breakthrough track of last summer and got hammered by all the primetime radio DJs and carnival ride operators.

Those big basslines, huge kickdrums and, of course, poignant vocals sent shockwaves around the UK. You said what was on everyone's lips. You created a moment that defined a generation. "When it comes to house every weekend" became the war cry of Huarache club kids pumped up on bass house and the occasional Taylor Swift ballad. But where have you been since?

We saw that you played at Creamfields, which must have been fun but you've not done much else since. Where's the follow up single? Could it be 'Techno Every Weekend'? What about 'House Every Day'? We do like a bit of house every day, so that could work and we're happy for you to use it as long as you just come back to us. Please David, get in touch. We're worried.

We've been looking at your Facebook page, actually. To be fair you've had a gig in Dubai this year and one in Sheffield, so fair play. Only six posts this year though David! Six! Now that's not nearly enough updates for our liking; we want one or two a day or at the very least every weekend, just how we like our house. Your profile picture sets you up with such promise. Look at that massive bottle of champers you're holding, and those shades. You are the perfect-looking DJ so why the hell haven't you capitalised. You need to be having words with your manager.

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