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Here's our ultimate house party tips

The tips to make sure your house party goes off

  • In association with Eristoff
  • 29 March 2021

When “all this” is over and we can meet up in bigger numbers again it will be your opportunity - nay, your duty - to host an incredible house party. But what’s the difference between a gathering of friends and a party for the ages?

It’s all about the little details. When you’re setting up that WhatsApp chat or preparing a playlist you may think you’ve got everything covered. But the truth is the best parties require another level of prep - and it’s something we know all about. We've been hosting parties in our office every week for the last 10 years and in this guide share some of our best tips for making your house party remembered for all the right reasons.

So whether its sound, lighting, drinks, snacks, themes or prepping your neighbours, this guide has you covered.

Watch the video here.

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