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Virtual Raving: A short film by Mixmag

Virtual raving is now a thriving rave industry

  • In association with Eristoff
  • 28 March 2021

In 2020 internet raving became a mainstream reality out of a necessity to keep clubbing alive during lockdowns. Various clubs, event organisers and coders came together to create vast new worlds.

In Mixmag’s short film, commissioned exclusively for Eristoff, Glastonbury Festival’s Shangri-La organisers discuss how they worked with the makers of virtual world Second Life to create their vision of a cross between gaming and raving.

Lost Horizon’s headliner, ABSOLUTE., discusses how he was made into a hologram DJ, we discover why Minecraft became the unlikely new host for a collage of real world clubs and co-founders of the original queer underground Zoom party, Club Quarantine, discuss making their new safe space online when real world venues were closing.

Watch the video in full here.

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