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Here are the best mixes we published in 2016

We've hosted some pretty epic mixes this year – time to feast

  • Funster
  • 28 December 2016

Here at Mixmag we see it as our duty to provide you with the best in dance music and club culture. Our music section houses a wealth of exclusives in the form of premieres, mixes and interviews with new and upcoming artists.

This year we launched the Impact series which shines a light on the producers and selectors making serious moves and the people we think are going to shape the music you listen to over the coming months. Via a mix and interview, we've featured the likes of Denis Sulta, Debonair and DJ Lag in the series and next year we aim to showcase even more unstoppable talent.

Of course there's our flagship In Session mix series that brings you the biggest and best artists, straight to your headphones. If they've mad their mark and continue to do so, then we get them in. 2016 has brought forward some really fucking good mixes and a quick glance back unearths pure auditory fire. We've racked our brains and chosen the best ten mixes from across mixmag.net and compiled them nicely in one list for you.

There have been some amazing mixes from across the dance music world, so shouts to people like RA, Fact, XLR8R and Groove for doing the business, but for this one we thought we'd keep things in house. At the end of the day, the quality speaks for itself. Enjoy.

10 Paris, IL

Our list starts with an exclusive like no other. As a duo, Paris, IL are one of the newest acts on the list but their story is perhaps the most striking. Two creative directors in the form of Guillaume Berg and Virgil Abloh combined to bring the different sounds of their respective worlds together and the result is an electronic blend of the two. Berg has his roots in Bromance Records and is one of France's most celebrated creative minds while Abloh runs things at US brand OFF White and DONDA, Kanye West's agency. Their Impact mix is a deep yet danceable combination of the pair's style and instead of letting us interview them, they interviewed each other and sent us the results. This is the definition of eclectic and one of our favourite pieces of musical content this year.

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