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Welcome to the March section of our best tracks of the year 2021 rundown — read the full list here

India Jordan 'And Groove' (Ninja Tune)

India Jordan continues their run of high-energy, workout-ready releases with 'And Groove'. Powered by chunky 4/4 kicks, the tune beams with summer vibes thanks to a vocal loop reminiscent of the most bubbly of UK garage jams. Once again, the producer comes through with another feel-good biggie - to add to last year's 'For You' EP - perfect for the return of festivals. Buy it here

Tenderlonious 'Tek-88' (Dennis Ayler Music)

Tenderlonious pens a collection of love songs for the Roland TR-808 on his 'Tek-88' EP. The lead track's bouncy bassline and winding synth swagger is enough to melt a house music lover's heart. It's music for sitting in the sun, sunglasses on, bevvie in hand. Buy it here

FYI Chris 'Tempora' (Black Acre)

'Tempora' is joyous house music to put a spring in your step. When your mood needs a lift, this is an injection of pure energy from FYI Chris, with bright vocal chops, fidgety snares and glittery, rising synths. You wouldn't think an album called 'Earth Scum' would house such an invigorating tune. Buy it here

serpentwithfeet ‘Sailors’ Superstition’ (Secretly Canadian)

serpentwithfeet truly announced himself with his 2018 album ‘Soil’. 2021’s ‘Deacon’ builds on this solid groundwork, and ‘Sailors’ Superstition’ is a standout from the new album. TakeaDaytrip provide synth-heavy, danceable production that Wise gently but assuredly floats over. It’s a treat. Buy it here

Mndsgn ‘Hope You’re Doin’ Better’ (Stones Throw)

It’s been 2 years since Mndsgn’s 2019 tape ‘Snaxx’ and he marked the upcoming release of his new album ‘Rare Pleasure’ with ‘Hope You’re Doin’ Better’. Ringgo Ancheta enlists Kiefer, Swarvy, and other friends to deliver a swooning, jazzy rumination on mental health. Buy it here

Vegyn ‘Like A Good Old Friend’ (PLZ Make It Ruins)

Vegyn’s knack for creating complex drum grooves is never more present than on ‘Like A Good Old Friend’. Flickering hi-hats and a kick drum that cuts right through the mix drive the track on to its more ambient ending. We can't wait to hear this in the club. Buy it here

Jungle ‘Keep Moving’ (Caiola Records)

If you weren’t already convinced of Jungle’s power to create absolute gold, ‘Keep Moving’ might give you a taste of the funk-fuelled genius that consistently comes from the two-man band. ‘For Ever’ placed them firmly at the forefront of nostalgic, funky disco. ‘Keep Moving’ continues in the same vein, as a bright and wide string section complimented by an effective drum groove and slap bass straight from the 80s urge you to ‘Keep Moving’. Sounds exactly how it’s titled. Buy it here

Wesley Joseph ‘Thrilla’ (EEVILTWINN)

‘Thrilla’ is Wesley Joseph’s battle cry. Entirely self-produced, Joseph follows his incredibly strong ‘Ghostin’’, produced by Joy Orbison, with engaging electronic production of his own. His confident delivery and even more confident production is supposed to make you feel invincible, and it does. Complimented by an elaborate self-directed video, Joseph future plans are well worth watching. Buy it here

Amount ‘Kreuzberg’ (Darkroom Dubs)

Amount’s new EP intended to soundtrack the transition from lockdown towards a fresh start. Opener ‘Kreuzberg’ paves the way with its sparkling synth pop sensibilities. There’s plenty of euphoric moments with just the right amount of cheese. Buy it here

Zillas on Acid ‘He Wasn’t Afraid’ (Nocturne)

Zillas on Acid bring the heat with this driving downtempo affair. Tinged with an acid-y arpeggio and echoing vocals, this is one for the weird hours… Buy it here

Scratcha DVA 'Kong' (Earthsurfaceopen Bootleg Remix) (DRMTRK)

Coming as the bonus track from NKC’s single ‘SFTGQM’, this remix of Scratcha’s 2018 release ‘Kong’ by Phoenix-based producer Earthsurfaceopen is a snare-generous, nostalgic transformation of this hard drum anthem. Adding just the right amount of sharpness and speed to the original to create an up-to-date club heater. Buy it here

Gage ‘Untitled Outro’ (2 B Real)

‘Untitled Outro’ is probably the least club-ready of the tracks from Gage’s ‘Back to Bellingham’ EP, but it made this list because of its poignancy. The track tricks the listener to start with punchy breaks and symbols - before transforming into sombre, climactic synths. Upon its release at the end of March, it felt like a gasp of fresh air. The slowly building crescendo of chuggy, marching drums matched with soft strings are mournful, yet optimistic - an aide-memoire that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Buy it here

Hypho ‘Sufferin’ ft Megumi’ (Swamp 81 / Manuka)

You’d be hard pressed to find a more downtempo track in Hypho’s six year discography than his single ‘Sufferin’ featuring Megumi. With a dark dub beat catering to the producers finest 140, Hypho pairs the tune with the soft velvety vocals of Megumi for a chilly four-minute track. Buy it here

COBRAH ‘Good Puss’ (CD Run)

Throw together a lifetime supply of latex and some unruly basslines and, lo and behold, COBRAH is born. Hyperpop’s favourite bubblegum bass newcomer has dropped her latest track - ‘Good Puss’ - a charged combination of bouncy beats and seductive vocals, before the launch of her self-titled EP. Buy it here

Knucks ‘Los Pollos Hermanos’ (NODAYSOFF)

Hailing from London’s North West, Knucks returns with insatiable force on ‘Los Pollos Hermanos’ running at just a brief 90 seconds. This track cries out for a second verse after teasing us with its catchy sax, and a sample from Breaking Bad’s Gus Fring. Buy it here

Natalie Slade ‘Gimme Ya Love (Daniel Maunick Remix)' (Eglo)

Daniel Maunick comes wielding a remix of Natalie Slade’s soulful ‘Gimme Ya Love’, offering choppy beats for the d ’n’ b habitué’s. Slade’s fluffy vocals float across the track where they’re met with audacious kicks and a high-energy take on the original 2020-released tune. Buy it here

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