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Welcome to the July section of our best albums and EPs of the year 2021 rundown — read the full list here

Koreless ‘Agor’ (Young)

Koreless sounds sharper and more focused than previous releases on his long-awaited debut album. The Welsh producer has always had a knack for creating bold and emotionally resonant soundscapes, with clean melodies quivering among glossy backdrops. ‘Agor’ sees him tunnel down into the detail, forming a mind-melting, exploratory record filled with intricacy. Buy it here

Sophie Du Palais ‘Endurance of Pain is the Power of Being’ (B.F.E Records)

On her debut solo album, Sophie Du Palais continues to do what she does best: crafting seedy and steely slow burners with no shortage of filth. A staple of the Netherlands’ electronic underground scene, she flirts with EBM and industrial through to acid and dub across the six songs, with an emphasis on experimentation. Through her fraught spoken-word-format passages, she explores themes of lust, hedonism and technological obsession; prepare to be both enticed and intimidated. Buy it here

Loveshadow ‘Loveshadow’ (Music from Memory)

Loveshadow bonded over their enthusiasm for ‘80s music-- a connection which has clearly informed the making of their eponymous debut album. Across the eight tracks, the duo weave together silky synth layers, breathy vocals and punchy percussion. Sometimes slow and at other times upbeat and funk-aligned, the record is a lush soundtrack for plenty of warm moments. Buy it here

Saoirse ‘Trust 001’ (Trust)

Saoirse has said she created her 'TRUST 001' EP - a debut from her new label of the same name - "with a track for every dancefloor feeling." The saucily titled '(.)(.)' is a slinky earworm with hard drums and jangly chimes, while 'Drop the Bass' feels like an ode to 90s industrial bangers - with a little added waft. Title-track 'Trust' is the centre point to the whole EP - a groovy tribute to friends, family and loved ones, both in the club sphere and beyond. Buy it here

Dowd 'A retro Love affair' (Self-released)

The two-track 'A Retro Love Affair' from Liverpool producer Dowds emulates everything exciting about getting back into the club. 'Part 1' is an interstellar crossway between 90s acid and futuristic bleeps and bloops, while the kick drum-heavy 'Part 2' crunches and slides in just the right places to send you harkening back to the euphoria of an early-morning warehouse rave. Buy it here

Yoofee ‘Wings’ (White Peach)

Another White Peach credit for the books - this time with Yoofee’s glitchy ‘Wings’ EP. The pianist-cross-dubstep artist makes sense of his duel-wielding skills on both the decks and keys, matching them equally on this four-track journey. Buy it here

Rejjie Snow ‘Baw Baw Black Sheep’ (+1 Records)

‘Baw Saw Black Sheep’ is Rejjie Snow’s latest project, supposedly inspired by his favourite childhood tales such as Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, but also incorporates the rapper’s own innate storytelling abilities. It’s a surprisingly bright record given its greyscale aesthetic and spotlights some of his best tracks to date such as ‘Cookie Chips’, and ‘Mirrors’. Buy it here

Murlo ‘Unearth’ (Coil)

Murlo’s releases always come from leftfield, and this time is no different. The producer, artist, and live AV specialist has created lore around this EP with a story running alongside the three tracks. Each song takes the name of an insect, visually aided by a story released part-by-part by Murlo himself, where he creates artwork and videos to compliment the eccentric, dystopian, and folky EP. Buy it here

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