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Review: PreSonus Eris 4.5 Bluetooth speakers

PreSonus' new speakers feature precise frequency responses and remarkable stereo imaging, all packed into a small-but-mighty machine

  • words: Tiffanie Ibe
  • 4 January 2024

PreSonus, the manufacturer known for its solid selection of professional and at-home audio equipment, has now released the second smallest in its range of second generation multimedia reference monitors, the Eris 4.5 Bluetooth speakers. Combining a sleek design, seamless Bluetooth connectivity and top-of-the-range audio performance — we gave the new monitors a test-run, to see how they will perform for folks at home, producers, DJs and content creators alike.

So what is included? Well upon unboxing, we discover that the package includes essentials like a 1 ⁄ 8 inch stereo mini jack to double RCA, a 1.5m stereo mini jack cable, and speaker wire, complemented by 8 vibration-blocking foam sticker pads. The monitors themselves are encased in a sleek, matte black exterior — and feature all the usual knobs and buttons, though we do notice individual volume controls for both headphone and aux outputs which is a nice touch. Weighing in at just 4.5kg, these aren't the kind of monitors that are going to pack your back in if you need to move them between the studio, or your bedroom, or your desk.

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Though, enough about the look and feel — lets get down to the nuts and bolts. Where the Eris 4.5's really come alive is in their thoughtful integration of Bluetooth. As demands for home speaker equipment change, and many of us look for a little more synchronicity in our tech, the addition of Bluetooth functionality feels like a welcome addition to these speakers — and what's more, its extremely easy to use. A simple touch of the pair button - which is at the back of the monitors - activates the function, while a green light on the control panel indicates a successful connection. Whether you’re plunging yourself into your library of samples and reference tracks, or having collaborative sessions with other artists, wireless connectivity introduces an increased level of flexibility to this Eris model, a trait also shared by the low end loving Eris Sub 8 and the even-more-compact Eris 3.5.

Aside from aesthetics and adaptability, when put to the test all audio output proved both crisp and articulate. The front-firing bass ports play a pivotal role in delivering an optimized low-frequency response. Notably, the robust MDF (medium density fibreboard) cabinets are adept at minimising resonance throughout the system, establishing a sturdy foundation for the low-frequency drivers.

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When it comes to sound reproduction, the Eris 4.5 truly shines. Sporting a 4.5-inch Kevlar low-frequency driver and a 1-inch silk dome tweeter, these monitors go beyond merely delivering sound by crafting an experience of accuracy and transparency. The 50-watt amplification doesn't just add power, it's the fuel behind the precision that resonates across the frequency spectrum.

What really stands out for me with Eris 4.5 is its ability to maintain a tight and controlled low end without compromising the clarity of the mids and highs, ensuring that each note is crisp and each nuance is heard. You can also adjust the levels of the lows and highs with knobs on the rear of the monitors; this feature isn't just for show, it's a game-changer for those moments of critical listening and those split-second decisions in the mixing process.

Whether you're editing a YouTube video, working in a compact studio or collaborating on the go, I find that the Eris 4.5 can act as a sonic companion. With this release, PreSonus cements its reputation as an industry leader, pushing the boundaries of studio monitoring technology. Highly recommend.

The PreSonus Eris 4.5 BT Studio Monitors are now available for $199.99, for more information click here.

Tiffanie Ibe is a freelance writer, follow her on Instagram

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