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T78 takes us through his favourite new music

From an 'Out of Space' bootleg to groove-laden techno rap, check out some of the Italian techno don's favourite releases this year

  • 28 December 2023

T78 has been racking up his air miles this year. The Italian techno wizard has been delighting crowds at everywhere from Egg London to Le Jardin Electronique in Lille, France; three shows at ADE, check. A Latin American tour including a stop at Utopic in Buenos Aires, check. A three stop tour Down Under, check. With a staggering amount of shows all over the planet, you better believe T78 has been keeping his USB stocked with the finest in big room slam that the techno world has to offer.

Of course, he's also helped contribute to the genre with his own productions this year, with a staggering nine releases on his own Auktektone Records; kicking off in March with the Maxie Devine featuring 'Monster Truck' and most recently with the groove-laden 'Another Dimension' which dropped on December 4. He's also continuously adding new heat to his label roster, he's also enlisted a number of other producers to Auktektone this year including N.O.B.A, Greg Denbosa, Edo Messina, Jim Nozier and more. To celebrate, T78 has mixed and curated the 13th edition of his 'T78 presents Tektones 13', set for release on December 29.

"Tektones is a compilation that has been released every six months since the beginning of the label's life," says T78. "I always try to bundle new music from new talent and also use it as a showcase for myself where I occasionally include more than one track. Specifically this time I am present with two tracks, one hard techno as Activator and another one, Hard Trance as T78 in collaboration with Housework and Ducamp. The remix of 'Push to start' instead came out in one afternoon, I was very inspired by the vocal hook and I decided to create a typically T78 beat around it without drawing any elements from the original track."

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To reflect on a truly unruly year for the Italian techno artist, T78 has compiled 10 of his current favourite tracks, all released in 2023. There's an 'Out of Space' bootleg, an acid track with a "sexy edge" and some groove-laden rap. Check it out below.

T78 'Another Dimension'

"I've been testing this track for over a year, first born as a bootleg of 'Out of Space' by the Prodigy and then converted into an original track by replacing the sampled parts with a 303 line that drills into your brain. Both drops are devastating and the crowd’s reaction is incredible every time. This one is out now but for me it was the track of 2023."

Frankyeffe 'Fight Me'

"Lately this Italian producer continues to release excellent tracks, all with a 90's hardtrance flavor as I like. Listening to this track seems to go back to the legendary years of the BXR label which dominated the scene between 98 and 2002"

ROBPM 'Seat Belt 2.0'

"One of the most prolific producers of my label Autektone who over the years has always stood out for a powerful and explosive sound. This remix of his most famous hit needs no introduction as it has been played by many big names on the scene. In this update I especially love the screech almost at the end of the arrangement which gives the final blow to this killer dancefloor"

A*S*Y*S, HOF 'La revolution'

"Acid is everywhere lately. In this track we once again hear the immortal 303 used in a very catchy way as the main theme and not just as a background element. the French vocal adds an extra sexy touch to the track. I have known A*S*Y*S for over 20 years and since then it has never ceased to amaze me with its productions."

C-Razey 'This Is What It Feels Like'

"I have to be honest, this is a track that I can hardly play in my sets but that I wanted to sign for Autektone because I really like it and for which I feel a lot of potential. The voice is really catchy and the synth organ riff gives it a housy touch although everything else is tech. Highly recommended"

Activator 'We Will Rock You'

"Who has never sung the famous Queen song at least once in their life? Here we listen to it again in a version that is a crazy mix of hardtechno and hardcore at 160 bpm. A recipe that works well at the moment. Small note, for those who don't love Queen (and I would like to see you one by one) there is also the version without vocals called 'We Will Rave You'"

Sopik 'Svitanok'

"A few years ago I did a remix for Sopik when we were both still almost unknown producers. In the meantime we have made great strides and I often find myself playing some of his tracks. This one in particular is the one that struck me most of all this year, for its infected groove and vocal loop. It might seem like a simple filler track but believe me it makes it much more. Svitanov is a Ukrainian folk dance but don't be fooled, here is pure hardtechno."

Nicolas Julian 'Mask Off'

"Every now and then I come across these tracks like this that make me feel good. Here too, arpeggios and trances echo which blend perfectly with the contrast of the rap voice. A very simple track but with a cross-contamination to which no one can remain indifferent. It’s a naughty dance tune that will seduce many ravers."

Holy Priest 'Agilator'

"This guy is dropping banger after banger and I think more promoters should give him more exposure. This latest work is a hardtechno train, the rhythm is infectious and the percussion gives it a cheeky edge. The drums are punctuated in a powerful pattern as the screech comes and goes. Expect to hear this one live for a long time."

EFESIAN 'Can’t Be Stopped'

"I play this track a lot in my hybrid sets which allows me to go from peak time techno to hard techno by slowly increasing the bpm. The groove here is pressing and never lets you down, rap verses alternate in this energetic techno cut that surprises with its very formal elements. Really functional track that will stay in my playlist for a long time."

'Tektones 13' is out on Autekone on December 29, you can pre-order here.

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