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​RCRDSHP is the NFT platform designed for electronic music fans and artists

Built by electronic music experts, RCRDSHP is making NFTs accessible and affordable for creators and fans alike

  • Becky Buckle | In association with RCRDSHP
  • 7 December 2021

Built by established DJs, producers, agents and many more, RCRDSHP is a digital collectables platform that launched earlier this year aimed at transforming our experience with electronic music.

RCDRDSHP works to surprise its users by curating and dropping digital content with what is known as a ‘pack’.

Validated by blockchain and non-fungible tokens, the packs contain collectable content which can be bought and sold, listened to, watched, or even combined using game mechanics to unlock new premium collectables and even in-real-life experiences.

Explaining the inspiration behind the platform, Crispin Taylor, RCRDSHP Chief of Staff, says: “We saw electronic music fans getting into NFTs, and NFT collectors discovering new music they loved.”

The multimedia collectable goodies from their packs come straight from artists, labels, festivals, and clubs. The variety of opportunities within each pack encourages fans to expand their music taste and discover more about their already beloved artists.

With packs remodelling collectable items within electronic music, they have been made in a range of sizes and prices so that they can be accessible to a vast amount of dance fans.

RCRDSHP launched in mid-August with a drop of 5555 'Genesis' mini-packs that sold out in a matter of hours, before a second drop the following week sold out in minutes. Each pack was sold for $9 and included six collectable cards. After this reaction, the platform is continuing to produce more in-demand exclusive collectibles as its global crowd of enthusiastic electronic music fans look to complete their sets.

Co-founder and CCO Eric Reithler-Barros is a veteran global dance music executive and DJ/producer. He says: “We knew there was a need for what we’re doing and that people would be pumped, but we never anticipated so much immediate enthusiasm at launch for our very first collectibles pack drop.

“We’re beyond thrilled that fans embraced the model and snapped up our first of a series of ‘Genesis’ packs. It proves there’s a powerful demand for a new music experience and a more artist-centric dance music economy.

“We are so happy to have created a new revenue stream for creators during this trying time for the music industry.

“We really want to feature all layers of the electronic dance music world, from shiny mainstream to deep dark underground, from trance to techno to bass to D’n’B, from exclusive tracks to limited-edition sample packs and DJ cards.”

The founding team contained a mixture of DJs, producers, agents, artist managers, technologists, electronic music executives, and serial entrepreneurs. With their combined minds, RCRDSHP has been formed to provide exclusive moments to fans, including examples such as a legendary video moment in front of a crowd or backstage or in the studio, a coveted exclusive track that’s never been heard before, or works of inspiring visual art that take the fan deeper into that artist’s creative universe.

As co-founder and CEO Obie Fernandez explains: RCRDSHP is launching a fresh new kind of space for electronic music culture to thrive, one that takes full advantage of cutting-edge tech like blockchain and NFTs, while leveraging large-scale platform dynamics and gamification.

“The key differentiator between us and others is that our heart is in the right place: with the music and the people who make it.

“We are all serious DJs and music producers here at RCRDSHP, and we want to give our fellow musicians more sustainable ways to make a living via new and exciting technology.”

The platform doesn’t just provide a different experience to users but also, works as a digital space for artists. Offering them unique creations and exclusive work as limited-edition assets stored on a global blockchain as NFTs.

Groundbreaking gaming musician TheFatRat seemed like the sure thing to get onto the NFT wave when it first kicked off last year, but he held off due to environmental concerns and the exclusivity and expense surrounding those early drops. He's now opted to link up with RCRDSHP for his debut venture in NFTs, drawn to the platform's accessibility and affordability.

Over the next 12 weeks, starting December 3, he'll be releasing a new album experience with weekly drops containing limited-edition collectibles, showcasing his vividly constructed audio-visual universe.

“What RCRDSHP is doing for NFTs is similar to what Binance and Coinbase did for Bitcoin. They are changing the game by making crypto technology accessible for everybody,” says TheFatRat.

The part game, part marketplace, part community space, RCRDSHP creates a metaverse, revolutionising music downloading by rewarding users with a greater experience.

Start collecting with RCRDSHP here.

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