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Nite Fleit: “When I’m DJing, I’m in this world where I’m thinking about nothing else”

Nite Fleit talks us through her day before a gig in the next edition of Making Your Mark

  • In association with Vuse
  • 6 December 2021

When it comes to finding your creative process, everyone is different. We’ve teamed up with vape brand Vuse once again for Making Your Mark, a series that highlights diversity and creativity with DJs from around the globe. Throughout the series, we’re catching up with artists and producers to find out all about their creative process in the hours before a gig, what inspires them, and what they get up to in their downtime.

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While you might work best under pressure, someone else thrives with time and slow, meticulous planning. Some might work best in the small hours of the night, while others blossom after sunrise. Whatever your creative process amounts to, we’re sure it’s something to shout about. Vuse is championing emerging creative talent, supporting artists and encouraging them to push the boundaries within the creative community.

For the next episode of Making Your Mark, we caught up with Australian-born, London-based DJ Nite Fleit. Becoming a regular to the UK club circuit, Nite Fleit wreaks havoc during the nighttime - the time of day where she feels most creative. “My friend sent me an article about ADHD, people tend to be ‘night watchers', as they call it,” she tells us in the latest edition of Making Your Mark. “I’ve been a night owl my whole life.”

Taking us through the lead up to her gig, Nite Fleit talks about her struggle with insomnia, how she shuts off and gets into the creative mindset, and how she gives her cat some extra attention before a show. “When I’m DJing, I’m in this world where I’m thinking about nothing else, that’s what I love about it. I want people to feel like they can’t leave,” she says. “You’re not thinking about the past of the future, you’re just in the moment.”

Watch Making Your Mark with Nite Fleit below, and check out Vuse on Instagram.

Vuse contains nicotine and is addictive. 18+ only.

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