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Prosumer's 10 best tracks for whatever the weather

Come rain or shine, Prosumer's got the tunes to get you through

  • Introduction: Dave Turner | Words: Prosumer
  • 6 June 2018

Chances are you're heading abroad this summer for a festival. That could be anywhere from Croatia or Malta to Spain or Romania, but the one thing you'll be expecting is sunshine. While that's more than likely to be guaranteed, you know there's a chance of rainfall to put a dampener on your mood. Whatever the weather, the DJ's responsibility is to deliver the vibes and tunes to keep you dancing.

German DJ Prosumer is no stranger to powering parties with mouthwatering house selections and he'll be doing just that at Love International at The Garden in Croatia. Ahead of playing there, he's listed his 10 best tracks for whatever the weather. Vibes.

Norma Jean Bell 'Love Me In The Rain' (Vocal Dance Mix)

"I fondly remember gigs in the pouring rain that were extra special because everybody just refused to leave. People moving closer together to shelter or keep warm. If you drop 'Love Me In The Rain' in those moments, things get proper steamy. An incredibly sexy track that reaches full potential when actually played in the rain."

Blue Pearl 'Naked In The Rain' (Drumapella Mix)

"'Naked In The Rain' is a similar scenario as the above track, although a bit sleazier in feeling. It gives you some extra heat for the night."

636 'Rain'

"This would have to be my choice if it was raining at daytime. Those piano chords brighten up every cloudy sky, especially effective in the stripped down dub version."

Fast Eddie 'Acid Thunder'

"There are many mixes of this track and they all have their pros. Once the vocal starts declaring that it is not just the weather, but "acid thunder”, you can channel some extra energy to the dancefloor."

Rinder & Lewis 'Anger'

"Not actually referencing the weather, 'Anger' by Rinder & Lewis always sounded like a thunderstorm to me. Sultry and full of anticipation, it rolls along before all hell breaks loose."

In Sync 'Storm'

"In Sync’s 'Storm' also has this heaviness. You smell the storm coming from far away, coming closer and bringing welcome relief from the heat."

Blaze 'Lovelee Dae'

"One of the perfect moments in my years of DJing was a party by the Homo Elektrik crew from Leipzig, who coined the phrase 'Tanzen ist die wärmste Jacke' (translated as 'dancing is the warmest jacket'). It was an intimate event by a river, far from the next city. I played 'Lovelee Dae' when the first morning sun hit the dancefloor and, next to us, a wall of fog that formed on the water was rolling down the riverbed. Surreal and magical."

KC FLIGHTT 'Summer Madness'

"'Summer Madness' lyrics are borderline hilarious and bring lots of fun to every dancefloor. You feel the heat and love is in the air."

Matthew Styles 'Hot!'

"'Hot!' is one of those great tracks that works every time. Play it in the heat for an extra helping of hotness."

Schatrax 'Sunshine'

"If you want to give the crowd an earworm to last, this as a last track ticks all the boxes. The sudden ending feels like the lights have just all come on in the club as the night comes to an end. Leaving you blinking into the light in disbelief that it’s already over."

Love International takes place from June 27 to July 4, featuring Prosumer, Midland, Shanti Celeste, Josey Rebelle, Ben UFO, Avalon Emerson and more

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[Photo: Michael Mann]

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