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object blue on returning to DJing: “I will definitely cry”

object blue shared her thoughts in a new report about the future of nightlife

  • Words: Tope Olufemi \ In association with Pernod Ricard
  • 29 June 2021

In a new report exploring the future of nightlife, object blue has expressed her excitement about returning to DJing soon.

In new report Reality Remixed - The Future of Conviviality, a collaboration between Mixmag and THE FACE and in partnership with the Cultural Foresights team at Pernod Ricard (a team of anthropologists who focus on the future of socialising), object blue told of how being back in the DJ booth would make her overcome with emotion.

"I will definitely cry while DJing," she said. "Anybody is welcome to join me."

The Tokyo-born, Beijing-raised DJ and producer added: “I know some people want to explore slower BPMs after this strange year, but I just want to go at 150!”

Her quotes fall under the section The Rebirth Moment For The City in the report, which explores the future of nightlife after over a year of lockdown and restrictions of large scale events.

In this section, Tomás Davó of the NAAFI parties in Mexico City notes what he anticipates.

"I’m very much looking forward to club kids and all the weirdos of Mexico to be leaving their houses and taking space in culture, to confront comfortableness and start building again. If this doesn’t happen Mexico City is gonna find itself in a really boring place."

Another section of the report - The Luxury of Contact - explores how physical interaction has become highly sought-after in light of reopening. Speaking about clubs, object blue also expressed her eagerness to get back into clubs and interact.

“I revere them even more now, a space just for listening and music, optimised for loud and immersive music.”

Errol Anderson of Touching Bass also spoke about how lockdown has affected general wellbeing: “There needs to be a reset," he said. “I wish that it really drives home how important clubbing spaces are to our general wellbeing and causes people to be more present within them.”

Many musicians and venue hosts see re-opening as an opportunity to re-imagine club spaces and re-understand the space entirely, as well as a chance to platform new DJs and artists.

Josh Posthuman of I Love Acid spoke about how travel restrictions have changed promotion.

“I think that the underground will finally sever itself from ‘headliner culture’, that ugly money, agent-run scene... right now, the hunger from punters to return to the clubs means that promoters can look at more interesting acts, more diversity, more local DJs, and still make it work financially. And once people go, they will realise that it’s still just as banging.”

The report also explores the hustle that artists and musicians have shown across the world in the face of adversity, and the way this hustle is set to change nightlife. Other sections tackle questions of equality and diversity, as well as safety, which are all set to be of much consideration as countries continue to open up.

Pernod Ricard believes the core of conviviality occurs through responsible consumption

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