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12 NYC day parties not to miss this summer

There's always a place to dance in the Big Apple

  • Shaquina Blake
  • 12 May 2017
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All Day I Dream (ADID) is a globetrotting day party helmed by Lee Burridge, bringing “Dreams. Clouds. Broad Smiles.” to every destination. There’s something special about ADID NYC though and resident Hoj shares the ingredients:

5,000 parts lovely people, many of which have been with us since the beginning.
3-5 parts talented DJs playing emotive house and techno
1 part sky
1 part stage
1 part Lee Burridge
7 parts secret ingredient
1 part love
Garnish with lime and season to taste

Sounds about right, but the “7 parts secret ingredient” might just be Brooklyn. The borough is known for it’s booming creativity, freshness, eclecticism, DIY aesthetic, a forward thinking mindset and underground credibility. It’s the perfect playground for the charismatic Lee Burridge to deliver his vision.

You enter the courtyard in Brooklyn where paper lanterns hang on ornamental beams wrapped in flowing fabric while sounds of melodic house and techno bounce through the afternoon breeze, transforming the gritty urban landscape into an afternoon dreamscape. Hoj revealed why the crew are anxious to get back to this particular location: “We couldn't be more excited. We were born on a little rooftop in Brooklyn, and we grew up there. So returning is like going to play for your hometown”.

Look for the All Day I Dream NYC season to begin on Jun 18.

View All Day I Dream's calendar of events here


Ebb+ flow parties possess that distinct essence rave culture was founded on, it’s like going to a party with your closest friends don’t know yet. The spirit is contagious and the is music leaning toward various spectrums of house. Gavin Stephenson, the founder of ebb+flow touched on a crucial part of these events: “In order to have the vibe that you want, you need to have open-minded, excited happy people to feed off the music“.

Which is exactly the type of crowd ebb+flow attracts. The collective has grown immensely in the past year by adding new artists to their roster and curating their own stages at local festivals. This summer they expand their boat party series, dubbed Sunset Debauchery, to three sonic excursions down the Hudson River.

The first Sunset Debauchery sets sail on May 21, with ebb + flow tapping German producer Einmusik and Justin Marchachos, a Cityfox and ebb + flow resident, for live sets. It’s Einmusik first time playing with the crew and they are eager to introduce him to their community. Look for more Sunset Debauchery events to pop up throughout the summer.

View ebb+flow's calendar of events here

[photo credit: Anya White]

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