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A new era of creativity: Watch Eva Lazarus and Swindle collaborate over 5G

Ericsson's 5G network means artists can now collaborate in real time, from anywhere

  • In association with Ericsson
  • 16 September 2020

Long gone are the days of artists having to be in the same room together to collaborate. The digital age has seen a global explosion of joint creativity, from grime producers in Bristol working with MCs in Tokyo to house and techno team-ups from Berlin to Baltimore. Now things have stepped up a level, with Ericsson's 5G network, “bringing better coverage, reliability and minimal delay”, as Ericsson proudly outlines, harnessing a thrilling and game-changing new era of creativity.

While the start of 2020 was all about being connected, now we're starting to look forward at how to rebuild and recover. The music industry - like many other parts of society - has been hit hard this year. Tech - and 5G - may be able to help our industry recuperate and rejuvenate.

To show the power of Ericsson's new network, Brownswood Recordings producer and jazz-funk bass specialist Swindle and vocalist Eva Lazarus teamed up in real time via Ericsson 5G. Each artist set up in a different London location: Swindle aboard the top deck of River Thames venue The Yacht with a Nord Stage II keyboard and laptop, Eva with a microphone in the historic setting of the Drawing Room of members club The House of St Barnabas.

Powered by a seamless 5G connection, interacting visually via Instagram Live and with a bespoke audio interface ensuring crisp sound delivery, the pair brought the IRL and human element to a digital collaboration, combining Swindle’s handiwork on keys and Eva’s trademark soulful vocals to create a brand new track, ‘Good Today’.

Collaborating in real time, from anywhere, just got easier. Ericsson’s 5G isn’t just the next big thing in connectivity; it could just be the next big thing in music production too.

Watch Swindle and Eva Lazarus’ Ericsson 5G collaboration ‘Good Today’ below

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