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Meet the women of Mixmag

In celebration of International Women's Day, meet the faces from behind-the-scenes

  • Mixmag Staff
  • 8 March 2019

Our foreword is written by our CEO, US, Rebecca Jolly. International Women's Day is March 8, 2019.

Working with women is wonderful. Working with amazing men is also wonderful, but there’s nothing more empowering and motivating than seeing fellow women succeed in a male-lead industry.

I’m fortunate that I see this a lot at Mixmag, a business that has consistently supported and celebrated diversity long before it became an item on the global agenda - both through the well-feted female artists and producers featured continually across our editorial content, but also behind-the-scenes.

Every woman at Mixmag has had to fight that bit harder to get where they are today: to find their place, their confidence and their voice in the industry and the wider world. There’s not a single one among them that I don’t admire and respect for this on a daily basis.

This group of exceptionally talented (and badass) women - writers, DJs, videographers, editors, business-leaders and money-makers - impress me continually and I’m so proud to stand alongside them as they help shape the future of electronic music.

From what I know and see everyday, the future is promising, powerful and importantly, female - and a little bit male, too - but definitely female. I’m excited to introduce to you the women of Mixmag.

Carré Orenstein

Job title: Business Development & Partnerships Manager, US

How I found my love of music: I’ve always been musically driven. I first became fascinated with live music and events in my early teens after experiencing concerts and festivals in California. While studying abroad in London during college, I immersed myself in dance music, club culture (and some serious queuing) and interned with the artist Actress and his Werkhaus collective. I then worked as an agent assistant at Liaison Artists in San Francisco, and shortly after graduating from college, I landed at Mixmag as the company’s first US employee and helped start The Lab in Los Angeles.

More about me: Aside from music festivals and ravey warehouse parties, I love current affairs podcasts, oranges, reading and have a newfound love for boxing.

Danielle Senior

Job title: Group Director, Operations, US

How I found my love of music: My mum had a huge vinyl collection, so from an early age you'd find me digging through tracks from the likes of Donna Summer, Chic and Diana Ross to Talking Heads, Pink Floyd and The Cure. Mum's eclectic mix influenced my taste from an early age, but by the (il)legal raving age (I started early), I was so into the dance scene, spending every weekend following my favourite DJs across the UK.

More about me: When I'm not bringing order to Mixmag HQ, you'll find me at the yoga studio or plotting my next big trip across the map. I cook a mean curry, I love giraffes and my new favorite thing is my essential oil diffuser.

Jaguar Bingham

Job title: Mixmag TV Presenter

How I found my love of music: I've always obsessed over music but it wasn't until I went to my first rave when I was 14 that everything changed. I grew up in the Channel Islands so we had parties in these WW2 bunkers, which was where I became engrossed in club culture. I started hosting my own radio shows and presenting when I went to uni in Leeds which I loved, and soon found myself interning at BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra and then Mixmag! These were my first entry points into the music industry. I then became Mixmag's Weekend Editor for a while, and now host the Lab LDN parties and write for the magazine and online.

More about me: Outside of my Mixmag duties, I am a broadcaster and DJ with shows on BBC Music Introducing and Reprezent Radio. I love telling the world about great music and making people move on dance floors across the world! I want to make the world a better, more diverse and equal place, but have fun while doing it! I also love cats, seafood and lying down.

Jasmine Kent-Smith

Job title: Staff Writer, Bass & Club Editor and Weekend Editor, UK

How I found my love of music: I’m from a town in the South West where the closest thing to dance music culture is a lone sticky-floored club or slightly dodgy, trek-to-get-to free parties. I touched down in Mixmag’s London office by chance (or a few emails) back in 2017 while studying at London College of Fashion and have remained with the team ever since. Musically, I have a longtime love for what I like to call “emotional bass bangers”, but you find me on the reg across all our channels covering and reviewing all your favs.

More about me: Last year I finally graduated from university and started a new role as part of the Mixmag magazine crew. My desk is slowing turning into a Burial shrine. Outside of work, I can be found pining over Shiba Inus on the internet and building up an ever-growing collection of label tees.

Juliet Cromwell

Job title: Advertising Director. Partnerships. Chief Schmoozer

How I found my love of music: My mum always had a lot of vinyl and when I was growing up, plenty of Chuck Berry. The Rolling Stones, Pet Shop Boys and later Bryan Ferry were on rotation. My early eclectic years ranged from rock all the way to acid jazz. Aerosmith, early Jamiroquai, Faith No More and Pantera were some of my favourites, before a new discovery of a MOS Annual by CJ Mackintosh/Boy George and Danny Rampling changed everything. So 1995 was an eye opener to the 90’s dance scene before my bro introduced me to UK garage. I was desperate to work at the BBC on Top Of The Pops and I managed to start my career in music there at 21 before moving to the Mixmag family.

More about me: Aside from being Mixmag’s front row energetic dance enthusiast, I’m a new mother, keen cook, pianist, cyclist, regular pun deliverer I love a decent cold beer.

Juliette Roques

Job title: Business Development Manager

How I found my love for music: My parents were massive rockheads so I grew up with The Clash, The Sex Pistols and The Ramones in the background. As a teenager, I made new friends who were massively into the electronic music scene and met the almighty 'Chameau' and 'Brainsucker' alias Thierry Perie, who sadly passed away last year. He was an incredible DJ and taught us everything we knew about electronic music back then. Never got the chance to thank him for that so... thank you Thierry, for allowing me to discover this world of wonders.

More about me: As well as being a business girl for Mixmag, I also look after Kerrang! Magazine. And if I'm not at work, I'm surely at home cooking tons of food, or travelling or dancing on a dance floor somewhere in the world.

Katie Scrafton

Job title: Digital Sales Manager

How I fell in love with music: I grew up listening to Fugees, Oasis and Led Zeppelin with my dad. My passion for music definitely started with him, as we were always playing music in the house. Then I discovered Happy Hardcore and 90s bangers. When I was 15, I started going to Trance and Techno nights at a club in Newcastle called Foundation and the rest was history, really. I would travel up and down the country to go to various festivals and arena events. I was only young but I remember my first Godskitchen event - it was mind blowing! I did a few seasons in Ibiza then moved down to London to intern at Don't Stay In/Mixmag and never left.

More about me: Outside of the music world, I like to relax. After 16 years of dancing, I’m finally happy staying in! Reading, watching movies and hanging out with my plants fit into my dream weekend. I’m really interested in promoting positive mental health, and going out clubbing less gives me more time to do this and practice it myself. I also love walking, so much I started my own club; London Walking Club. It’s good to chat, meet new people and walk around the capital! I’m also obsessed with pizza, Indian food and animals.

Rebecca Jolly

Job title: CEO, US - AKA Driver and keeper of the US business, disco mum

How I found my love of music: I spent much of my youth at Gatecrasher in Sheffield, before switching musical loyalties and becoming a true drum ‘n’ bass and jungle girl while at Manchester university (a passion that has never totally left me despite being a fully-fledged and very sensible grown up). My Mixmag journey technically started at a party in Ibiza about 10 years ago (long story) before taking the helm of the US business in 2015.

More about me: Most of my passions (cooking, books, yoga, travel, red wine) currently take a back seat to wrestling my toddler (Domino) and baby (Kit)... a different kind of 6am sunrise set. I do however manage to make time for a spot of part-time herbalism, including creating my own line of teas and tonics.

Riya Hollings

Job title: Fashion Editor

How I found my love of music: I started off working in the music industry taking photos at underground D&B raves before I was even legal to be in a club. My background from the age of 15 was in the Jungle and D&B scene, you would mostly find me in a forest skanking in front of a bass bin before I could even buy cigarettes. I continued my love for music, events and photography through uni and then after graduating from degree in fashion I found myself looking after the Mixmag Fashion pages in 2013. I also soon after started filming around the world with Mixmag TV. About me: Apart from being Mixmag's Fashion Editor I am also a freelance fashion photographer, stylist and Creative Director.

More about me: Outside of my work and my love for music I love traveling the world with my Contax G2 and Mamiya RZ67. I love shooting on film in other countries savouring the culture in a little black box, there is something really beautiful about it. Other things I love are matcha green tea, tarot cards, yoga, the smell of fresh flowers, swimming in the ocean like a mermaid, hugging trees and scrolling r/aww on Reddit.

Sherelle Thomas

Job title: Digital Producer

How I found my love of music: I first became interested in music through watching MTV. My earliest memory is dancing around the house to Aaliyah and Tupac. My introduction to Dance music was watching Ibiza Uncovered on Sky1 and Daft Punk's music videos from their ‘Discovery’ album, most notably the video for ‘Digital Love’. When I was around about 17, I started taking pictures and filming music events. I ran my own music blog for a few years before moving into radio and eventually ended up at Mixmag through the luck of being released from another music job.

More about me: Outside of Mixmag I'm a footwork, 160bpm and jungle DJ. My influences are DJ Rashad and Machinedrum but when I'm listening to stuff below 160 I love Janelle Monae, Eyrkah Badu and The Internet. I have a radio show on Reprezent bi-weekly based in South London and I recently did a Boiler Room with all the Mixmag Crew INSIDE.

Sydney Jow

Job title: Global Digital Manager

How I found my love of music: I somehow ended up wandering into underground Brooklyn warehouse and loft parties at 15 before getting into dance music. I completely fell in love with the weirdness and freedom of the environment and from there, grew into a full-blown electronic music fan. As the years passed, I found my passion for music had became a profound part in my sobriety and happiness. Three years ago I landed my dream job at Mixmag and here we are today!

More about me: Aside from music I’m quite obsessed with fitness and all things beauty. I love art and design and anything that makes me laugh or think outside the box. Free time is rare, but when I do have it, I spend a lot of it sitting on my sheepskin rug eating ravioli and watching Netflix or reading comics. I’m also ridiculously excited to be learning how to play the jazz piano.

Tillie Wood Wilson

Job title: Mixmag TV's Channel Manager & Video Editor

How I found my love of music: A UK Garage girl through and through, my love for dance music was cemented during those golden UKG glory days. After working in Ibiza for three summers producing and presenting online content for Cafe Mambo, I headed back to London to become the First Lady of Mixmag TV.

More about me: Outside of music, I am a qualified yoga teacher and my most important role to date: mother to a baby boy.

Valerie Lee

Job title: Global Culture Editor

How I found my love of music: I first became interested in music after exploring California's Bay Area scene, which was diverse with hip-hop and bass music influences. I got introduced into working in music by starting from the very bottom: flyering outside of clubs and around town and working my way up in the local scene in Santa Cruz. I moved to Los Angeles for university and started my own blog on Tumblr, eventually going on to write with Dancing Astronaut, Merry Jane and worked with International Music Summit.

More about me: Besides my duties at Mixmag, I’m also an on-camera host for Coachella's live stream, where I interviews artists from the dance and electronic worlds at my favorite festival. Outside of music, I love to travel, learn about cooking from my mom, listen to podcasts, and obsess over animals with Instagram pages.

Yasemin Kosereisoglu

Job title: Partnerships Manager

How I found my love of music: After growing up in Ankara’s Turkish rock venues and listening to bands like The Doors and Pink Floyd, I moved to London for my studies and discovered my true love for house and techno.

More about me: Outside of Mixmag, I volunteer for the label Awesome Tapes From Africa. I consider ice cream a food group, appreciate a competitive game of Catan (with a side of wine) and am the proud owner of five plants.

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