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March: Six artists you need to check out this month

March badness

  • Words: Yewande Adeniran, Leah Connolly, Charlie Case, Kristan J Caryl, Alice McCool, Kamila Rymajdo​
  • 5 March 2018


The enigmatic ‘Turbulent Dynamics’ on LOFT’s 2016 Astral Plane Recordings debut demonstrated a devotion to experimentation repeated on the compelling textural shifts of ‘Funemployed’ on Wisdom Teeth last year. Björk took notice, including it in her Cover Mix for us. More releases dissipating the harshness of UK breakbeat techno with unsteady drum patterns and rapid gurgles are on the way.

LOFT has a new release coming on Astral Plane Recordings this summer

[Photo credit: Anastassia Radtsenko]

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