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Jeff Mills: Dark City soundtrack

An original story – and soundtrack – by Jeff Mills

  • Jeff Mills
  • 18 February 2019

“It is the year 1973. Located in a parallel universe is a planet that resembles earth, but is 300 years more technically advanced. Like earth, its natural resources are being depleted at an alarming rate – and to save most of the inhabitants, a mass exodus is organised to all neighbouring planets. The process is nearly completed. But some inhabitants – ‘stayers’ – chose not to vacate the planet. Instead, they believe a theory that the exodus is a huge conspiracy to recondition the planet and sell it to the highest bidder.

R-4552 is an extraction specialist sent to Dark City to find an elusive ‘stayer’. He stumbles across a trove of secret documents in a briefcase belonging to her. Researching the contents, he finds a link to the Reynolds Corporation, or R Corp. R-4552 travels to Shantoi Province in search of the so-called designer of Dark City. The designer explains the objective, intention, and the theory behind the creation of an illusionary application called ‘Darkness’, meant to alter visual perception. The designer warns R-4552 that Dark City has been taken over, and is controlled by a collection of business interests better known as The Web. R-4552 discovers the name of The Web’s primary officer. Pursued by a mysterious woman, on his way to back to Dark City R-4552 is isolated by a strange weapon and transported to another time and space.”

Listen to Jeff Mills' 'Dark City soundtrack' below.

00:00 ‘Entering ‘Dark City’

01:14 ‘Scan/DNR Check OK’

02:35 ‘Where Shadows Have Motives’

05:14 ‘Unauthorized Movement’

07:12 ‘Approaching Target’

08:04 ‘The Chase’

11:34 ‘Discovering Briefcase’

13:13 ‘The Reynolds Corporation’

15:14 ‘Researching The Reynolds Corp.’

17:55 ‘Discovering The Dark Web’

19:20 ‘Traveling To Shantoi Providence’

20:32 ‘The Beauty Of Shantoi’

23:38 ‘Meeting The Designer Of Darkness’

28:37 ‘The Theory of Darkness’

32:39 ‘Warning: Knowledge Can Be Deadly’

36:30 ‘He Who Owns Everything’

43:00 ‘On The Run’

All tracks composed and produced by Jeff Mills for Dark City. Copyright Control©2019 Axis Records

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