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Jamz Supernova: "Now I’ve grown more confident I realise I can be feminine and a sick DJ"

She likes to go bright when she's on the decks

  • Words: Charlie Case | Photos: Riya Hollings
  • 3 August 2018

My style has really changed over the years. When I was 18 my style was quite grown up: stuff I would never wear now like blazers, boots with heels and handbags.

I was trying to be older than I was. When you’re 18 and leave college you think you’re an adult. But as I’ve got older I think I dress younger, which is quite backwards. I don’t wear heels now, maybe once a year, but I definitely have a lot more fun with how I dress.

Today I’ve dressed as I would for a festival. I always go for comfort, and I’m really into co-ordinating colours at the moment. I wear lots of bright colours and statement clothing for my gigs.

When I’m not gigging I’m in tracksuits. I have three on rotation and every time they take photos at the BBC it happens to be on a Sunday. That’s my tracksuit day, so it looks like I’m wearing the same tracksuit all the time on Instagram.

I’m wearing a Nicce crop-top today. I always wear crops because they elongate my body. It’s all about ratios.

I use the term ‘sports-lux’ to describe my style, which sounds really wanky, but it’s mostly sportswear with a feminine touch to it. It’s about being able to be sporty and sexy at the same time.

I wore a glitter cape at V Festival last year, like I was a superhero. It was my Sasha Fierce/Beyoncé moment; I put it on and felt like, ‘I’m here to perform’. Little things give you confidence, like I might spray on perfume before I go play. It gives you an added sense of self.

When I first started DJing I did dress more boyishly. I don’t know if that was a subconscious thing where I thought that to DJ I should keep things more simple, but now I’ve grown more confident I realise I can be feminine and a sick DJ.

I never take these rings off, even if I’m in the gym. They were my nan’s and my aunt gave them to me when I was 10. I’ve had them for 17 years. I want to be able to pass them down myself.

I’ve gone for Adidas Superstars today. I didn’t grow up wearing much Adidas – mostly I’m an Air Max 90 girl – but they don’t always go with certain skirts or shorts. If I had Air Max on they’d make my legs look stumpy; the Superstars help lengthen them, and they’re a little bit classier.

I always wear gold hoops. They’re normally pretty cheap – I treated myself to some gold ones last year and lost them within a week. It was £80 down the drain!

There’s a good vintage shop in Brick Lane called Blitz. I’m lazy, so I like it because it’s organised. I got the best, refurbished camo trousers from there. They’ve been taken in the waist for women and I get so many compliments on them.

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