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Paco Osuna on NOW HERE residency: “It’s impossible to be happier”

Celebrating the final night of his Ibiza residency, Paco shares his favourite moments from Hï's club room this summer

  • In Association with Paco Osuna | Words: Becky Buckle
  • 30 September 2022

It’s been a whirlwind of a season for Paco Osuna. Back in the ravers resort that is Ibiza, his residency NOW HERE drew to a close earlier this week. While The Martinez Brothers have delighted crowds in the theatre, Hï's Club Room has been jam-packed each Tuesday not only with party-goers from across the world but also a carefully curated line-up.

With a huge roster of 22 artists spread across 16 nights throughout the summer, this array of talent echoes his label Mindshake. Paco himself hand-picked DJs he felt would best fit the ethos including the likes of Anna Tur, Ben Sterling, Blackchild, Hector Couto, Iglesias, Latmun, Melanie Ribbe, Nicole Moudaber, Rafa Barrios, and Technasia. Yes, that’s right - all these names and many more hit the decks this season at one residency.

Opening NOW HERE, Paco performed a bold set of unreleased bangers with a sprinkling of his own masterpieces alongside tech house Dennis Cruz and Ibiza-born Manu Gonzalez. With the stimulating sound system Hï brings, people dance shoulder to shoulder in the early hours either making heart signals with their hands or writing messages of love on their phone directed to the decks.

Since this his opening night the word has spread across the island of his residency producing consistently amazing parties. For the closing party, Paco played a very special b2b with secret guest Marco Carola — as well as Brazil's Renato Ratier.

Paco's return to the island after the two-year hiatus this season proved he is not messing about. Combining music with his mindset of living in the present, NOW HERE has been the best way to celebrate Ibiza’s comeback.

Read our Q&A below.

How do you feel now the residency has come to an end?

Well, I feel very lucky. It has been an exceptional summer. Never, not even in the best of my dreams, did I think that it would be so well received by the public. Every Tuesday going to work is like going to visit your friends and having a party, we have a very loyal crowd and we are like a small family. It is impossible to be happier.

Can you share some of your highlights from the residency?

It would not be fair to emphasize one moment or another from only one artist, simply because every Tuesday has been a great joy with all the members of the line-up. They are all part of NOW HERE! They have built Tuesdays, in the same way, that I have, into what they are in the Club Room at Hï! But to name one, I have great memories with Melanie Ribbe. Considering it was the first time we played a B2B, the connection between us was immediate and it created an incredible atmosphere in the room.

What tracks made the crowd go crazy?

There are several tracks that have been working very well for me all summer. ‘Dance To My Drums’ by Iglesias is, without doubt, one of the cuts that have had a good reaction on the dance floor. There are also several edits that I did myself that has worked wonderfully for me, but those are secret weapons and those secrets will remain haha.

How did you enjoy working with Hï?

I have fallen in love with working at Hï! Absolutely all the staff in the room have made me feel at home, and the same thing has happened with our crowd, we have created a very strong and familiar bond with the team. It is impossible not to feel good working with such professional people. It is absolutely normal that Hï is the #1 club in the world because very few times in my almost 30-year career have I been made to me feel so special. Starting from YANN to Lauren my stage manager, Jodie, Charlie, James, the security guys, waiters, etc. They have all treated me INCREDIBLY.

If you could go back to relive one of the nights on the residency which would it be and why?

The opening was very, very special; I don't remember having been that nervous in many years. The reason is simple: it was the birth of my project in Ibiza, where all the responsibility was on me, it was my first residence in Ibiza and I didn't know if people would stay all night in the Club Room. I remember that when the night was over I felt a great relief to see that the room was packed at 6:30 am and that the audience was very happy, you could see it on their faces and you could feel it in the atmosphere. So I went to the Green Room with The Martinez Brothers and when we looked at each other, we said that everything pointed to us going on to have a great summer and that's how it was

How did it feel to watch the crowd enjoy your nights?

Being a DJ is a passion for me, I have never been in this profession for any reason other than my love for music. Ending the night and having the public totally devoted, with happy faces and shouting my name, is an incredible feeling. Feeling that you have connected with them, that you have taken them into your musical world and that they are totally dedicated, is a unique feeling. The only thing I can feel is gratitude: to be able to live from your passion and to have the support of those who dance to your music is priceless.

What’s next?

As far as NOW HERE is concerned, I really don't know. Obviously, I'm already thinking about the 2023 season, how to do it better, and what we can improve for our fans, but I prefer not to think in the long term so as not to create expectations. I try to live in the moment and enjoy it to the fullest, you never know what might happen tomorrow. So what follows for me is to have a lot of enthusiasm, passion and desire to do what I like the most; effort and work is my formula ever since I started out as a DJ.

For more info on NOW HERE and tickets click here.

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