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In Session

In Session: The Black Madonna

A white-hot mix from the DJ of 2016

  • Mixmag crew
  • 5 January 2017

The Black Madonna was the DJ Of The Year in 2016. As the year came to a close, she graced the cover of Mixmag and cemented her status as the world's leading selector. It was a turbulent 12 months in and out of dance music but, as always, in the face of adversity, the music managed to bring joy, happiness and a sense of release to millions and The Black Madonna remained an unflinching beacon of hope throughout.

As the dust settles, the first In Session mix of 2017 comes from the woman herself. It's the mix that she recorded for the cover of the magazine and is a lesson in powerful house music. It's a finely-crafted snapshot of what she does in the club, the kind of set that's her earned her the reputation of one of the most popular, endearing and damn right talented selectors on the circuit.

Her crowning as the DJ of 2016 shouldn't come as a surprise, although to her, this achievement meant a lot. A hell of a lot: "Well, it just doesn't seem real yet. This was a dream that was almost too big to dream."

The Black Madonna, real name Marea Stamper, is the definition of a grafter and she's never taken the easy route – because for her, there wasn't an easy route. “It was one long, extended attempt. Years of DJing a lot of fifty-dollar parties. Or no-money parties,” she recalled to Louise Brailey during her recent Mixmag interview.

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