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In Session: Patti Kane

Patti Kane delivers an hour of the finest, smoothest, most upbeat soulful house

  • Seb Wheeler
  • 21 October 2020

Who's ready for a session of only the finest, smoothest, most upbeat soulful house?

Enter Patti Kane, the long-serving New Jersey DJ who caught the house music bug at Paradise Garage and hasn't looked back since she learned how to DJ in 1990.

From Larry Levan's incendiary sessions to creating her own platform, Women On Decks, for new talent to come through, Patti has been DJing since the halcyon days and is now uplifting others with her three decades' worth of experience.

That longevity is also clear to hear in her selections as she draws for house music from the soul that hits the sweet spot that every house head is looking for. Her House Royalty Mixcloud is full of gold and her In Session mix is flawlessly put together, a masterclass in style and substance.

Hit play on this legendary hour from Patti Kane and be sure to check her new EP 'Resilience' out now.

Tell us how you started DJing?

I started around 1990 after learning that my cousin was a DJ.

Who is Deep Master Ryan?

Deep Master Ryan is my cousin and the person who "taught" me how to DJ. While most of it comes naturally, you still need guidance and practice, practice, practice!

You were inspired by Larry Levan. What was your experience of his sets and the Paradise Garage?

My experience at the Garage was unforgettable! The music and atmosphere was about love and togetherness. The music was the star of the show then. It made me appreciate the artistry, structure and versatility of music.

Describe Patti Kane for the young heads who might not know.

Patti Kane is a classical music student turned dancer turned DJ/producer. I tend to pay attention to the total package, the music, the artist, the mix, the tonality of most genres, everything.

You play a classic sound but you're interested in platforming new music by new artists – tell us about your ethos and how you find and pick music to play.

Well first, it is a must that I know what the lyrics are. I do not engage or promote lyrics of violence, racism, sexism, degradation or anything negative. That's just not my vibe. I like to smile and those things don't help me do that. I also don't limit myself to one anything. That means genre, artist, music platform, etc. If I hear it and it "speaks to my spirit" I'll play it. I don't knock what anyone else does because we all have to pave our own way, this is just how I do it.

You've got a bunch of other projects aside from DJing, would you like to introduce them?

So, my umbrella brand is House Royalty. I began using the skills I learned (and my parents paid for!) from schooling and began producing about 6 or 7 years ago, and I currently release my productions through TMG records. I am co-organizer of Women On Decks, which is a platform for levelling the playing field and assisting the less likely to be heard DJs in getting their mixes heard. As with many areas of entertainment, I believe there is a lot of talent being overlooked. The DJ world is male dominated and my hope is to even the playing field by opening the platform to more women and the "underdogs of DJing". In June of this year, Women on Decks launched a station on Audioboom to help with this. This is where works from other DJs, male and female, are displayed.

You've been in the music game for a while now and work to put others on. Can you tell us about this?

So this is where Women On Decks comes in. This platform was created to make the DJ line-up more even. This means, if there are 8 DJs on the bill, there should be four men and four women. I also don't believe that it has to be one genre of house. I believe as long as each DJ keeps the same "energy" throughout the night and keep the crowd moving, that's most important.

There aren't many interviews with you online – do you feel like you've been overlooked by the music press?

It's all about timing. I'm learning that connection is becoming more important than actual music in some cases. That's OK with me. I'm looking for longevity, not popularity. When it's my turn to shine, nothing will block me.

Clips of you DJing go viral every so often. What is it about your energy that people love and how does it feel to be an internet hero?

Hero?! Me?! No, not me. Of course there are some who watch the videos just to mock and jive since I'm a plus-sized DJ. The ones who genuinely enjoy the videos, I think they watch because I try to put my heart and soul into playing. I want people to feel what I'm thinking when I play each song and tell "my story".


Larry Heard – And So I Dance (Anthony Nicholson and So I Rhumba Ritual Mix)
Raheem Devaughn – Ballerina (BPM After Dark Mix)
KqueSol, Shatti – Afrikan Lesson (The Guitar Miix)
ARTWORK, Dearson, Jihad Muhammad – Love Is Real (Jihad uhammad BTD Remix)
Sade – I Couldn’t Love YouMore (Feeler Baku Remix)
Depeche Mode – Barrel of a Gun (Scott Wozniak Remix)
Michael Jackson – I Can’t Help it (Anthony Nicholson Afrojazzfunkboogiedelite Dub)
DJ Patti Kane – Resilience (Original Mix)
Johnny Gill ft Usher – In the Mood (Franke Estevez Fuzion Remix)
L. T. D. – More (Salah Ananse Mix)

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