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In Session

In Session: Novelist & Grandmixxer

Raw and rugged grime energy from the MC and his DJ

  • Dave Turner
  • 17 February 2016
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He definitely caught the attention of promoters and festival bookers. After that, he found himself playing at fabric, Barcelona's Sónar Festival, Glastonbury, W.A.R at Ibiza Rocks and Croatian bass fest Outlook.

While most know about him due to his skills on the microphone, he's tidy on the buttons too, having started messing around with production software when he was still in primary school. He was only 16 when the 'Sniper' EP came out via Oil Gang Records, the label ran by Boxed co-founder Oil Gang, but, boy, does it bang. The title track's full of deadly gunshots, as the name would suggest, and 'Christmas Riddim' is a devilish piece of seasonal instrumental grime.

We've been getting more and more of his own productions of late, one being 'David Cameron Riddim', a mischievous pop at the UK prime minister, and another being 'Street Politician', in which he ruthlessly takes aim at the establishment, proving he's not afraid to fire lyrical shots at those in power.

You think he's damaging on the mic in the studio? You should see him in the rave if you haven't already. He's been known to claim he's one of the best younger MCs around and we've seen him in action many a time to account for this. Bursting with energy and able to effortlessly switch it up according to the instrumental being played, he's a joy to watch and always, always ensures it goes off.

For a taste of what he's got in his locker, this In Session has Nov spitting over tunes being played by his DJ Grandmixxer, aka Carl Brown, who regularly takes control of the Rinse FM airwaves. Epitomising what grime's all about through its raw energy, it's a change to the usual mixes we deliver to you, but that's certainly no bad thing. Most of the 16 tracks, produced by Novelist and Grandmixxer, haven't been heard before and the MC's in full-on war mode. The perfect starter before the main course, Mixmag Live, on March 3 at 100 Club in London.

We can't offer a download for this one, but you can grab the magazine tomorrow (February 18) for an exclusive download card and listen below.

1. Novelist 'Long John Riddim'
2. Novelist 'Banger' (Angel mix)
3. Grandmixxer 'South London Space Agency'
4. Novelist 'Turn Off'
5. Novelist 'Danny Boy'
6. Novelist 'Yakuta' (Angel mix)
7. Grandmixxer 'Screaming'
8. Novelist 'Badman Place'
9. Novelist 'Song'
10. Jammer/Wiley/Biggaman 'Let It Go' (Novelist remix)
11. Novelist 'Ban Tali'
12. Novelist 'Alize'
13. Novelist 'Unknown Dub'
14. Novelist & Grandmixxer 'Gregory Riddim'
15. Zander Hardy 'RudeSting' (Novelist remix)
16. Novelist & Grandmixxer '10 Years 11 Days'

Dave Turner is Mixmag's Digital News Editor, follow him on Twitter here

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