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In Session: Jubilee

The Mixpak producer celebrates the release of her debut LP

  • Dave Turner
  • 2 November 2016

"In the X-Men universe, Jubilee is known for prowling around the mall with neon shades on, breezing by with effortless cool," New York label Mixpak's website reads. It's describing one of its own heroes, Jessica Gentile, whose weapons of choice under her Jubilee guise are similarly explosive as the X-men character's.

Her debut album 'After Hours' boasts bass belches, full-blown acid workouts, juicy dancehall and plenty carnival colour. It's an LP screaming with fun and that's exactly what she wanted.

"It’s Friday night in South Florida, your windows are rolled down and the humid air breezes through your hair as you ride the highway to the rave," the album description reads. "You’re piled six deep in a Honda, the subwoofer is cranked up and the radio is just about drowning your laughter...The bass courses through you, makes you feel free, you’re living for the late night." It definitely gets you revved up.

A product of the Miami bass scene, Jubilee's DJ career kickstarted at a drum 'n' bass party. There, she'd flip through rap, r'n'b, dancehall and anything else with that no-fucks-given attitude her DJ sets come with nowadays. One of her earliest releases, the 'Paypur' EP with Udachi, featured 'Smoke Rings', an utterly bonkers earthquake of a track littered with classic rave stabs. It got a remix by Mixpak boss Dre Skull and, after three years of no releases, she landed on the New York label with 'Pop It', followed by the jungle-trekking 'JMZ Riddim'.

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