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Guy Williams: “It truly could be the third summer of love”

The future of nightlife is being explored in a new report

  • Words: Tope Olufemi | In association with Pernod Ricard
  • 8 July 2021

Guy Williams has spoken about his optimism surrounding re-opening, saying that nightlife could see its third “summer of love”.

A new report Reality Remixed - The Future of Conviviality, a collaboration between Mixmag and THE FACE and in partnership with the Cultural Foresights team at Pernod Ricard (a team of anthropologists who focus on the future of socialising), looks at how the pandemic has affected the scene and the ways that it can bounce back to become more inclusive, energetic and euphoric than it ever has been.

In ‘Moments of Reconnection: Valuing Everyone… and Raving Hard’, Guy Williams and a number of other artists spoke about their excitement about getting back to the rave, and the moments of joy that it brings. Reconnection is on the horizon, and many are looking forward to re-entering the spaces that the pandemic has shut and connecting with crowds of people again.

Guy Williams said: “A few people are using that Summer of Love tag, but it truly could be the third summer of love – even if it doesn’t start in June, I think it will be. And I think we all just need to be a lot more grateful and thankful for what we’ve got, because we’ve had so much taken away.”

This echoed former Mixmag cover star ABSOLUTE., who had previously spoken to Mixmag about his eagerness to get back into the club: “I just wanna go to everything! I wanna f*cking cause a scene, and go wild and have fun with my mates, and be free... It’s like a necessary antidote to hard times,” he told us.

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While reopening happens gradually, the prospect of a rejuvenated scene has many excited, with potential solidarity among ravers at an all time high. Wok of Yes No Wave Music in Indonesia spoke about the needs to bring each other closer, saying: “We need to support each other in many ways. Erase racism, classism, and everything that divides us. That’s what people do when we’re in a war or in natural disasters.”

During the pandemic, eager party-goers have continued to support each other, as well as supporting artists and venues that were struggling during the period, to ensure that we all bounce back as strongly as we can. Balraj Samrai of Swing Ting was appreciative of the efforts of the community, saying: “Club-goers have been great in terms of supporting releases, live streams and donation-based initiatives where people can chip in."

Over 50 people were interviewed for the report, which gives an insight into the future of nightlife across the world, from DJs and managers to club owners and experts. DIY club cultures, the effects of the pandemic on cities, club ownership, African club scenes, and a host of other topics were covered within the report.

Pernod Ricard believes the core of conviviality occurs through responsible consumption

[Photo: Elliot Young]

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