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Get to know Perel, a master of precision-engineered German hypnotism

Her sleek and confident debut album is out now on DFA

  • Josh Baines
  • 17 May 2018
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“In December 2016 I played with Justin Strauss at The Lot Radio in New York,” she recalls. “Suddenly Juan Maclean showed up and asked me about a few of the tracks I’d played. “Whoops, those are mine actually,” I said. He passed them to DFA. Two weeks later they asked for a debut LP. It’s surreal to me.”

Anyone who’s seen Dixon playing out over the last few years will likely have heard the Innervisions man ride in and out of ‘Die Dimension’, ‘Hermetica’s haunting and justly hyped lead track. Running on spaced-out synths and rolling over circular arpeggios, buoyed by an air of dewy-eyed hope, it gestures toward the infinite possibilities of the open road.

“There’s a phenomenon when travelling by car or train,” Fiedler says. “After a while all impressions rush past subconsciously and it feels like an endless repetition of pictures, and yet they change constantly. In those moments another journey starts in yourself, based on the impressions and moods outside.”

We’re ready to follow Perel on her journey. Just remember to brush up on your ancient Egyptian first.

‘Hermetica’ is out now on DFA

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