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Get to know Oscar #Worldpeace, the grime-influenced rapper with heaps of lyrical substance

The Mike Skinner-approved wordsmith speaks his truths

  • Words: Joseph ‘JP’ Patterson | Photo: Quann
  • 29 June 2018
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Four years ago, #Worldpeace got a huge surprise when he opened Twitter: there was a message from The Streets’ Mike Skinner giving props on his debut single ‘Mook’. At first, he thought he was being catfished. “I was fully shocked,” he tells us. “I didn’t believe it was him! Even when he told me to meet him, on the way there I was questioning everything. I didn’t hear his voice, as it was just through email and Twitter DMs, so I was thinking I might get there and it’s just some random guy,” he laughs. Luckily for Oscar, Skinner was the real deal and now, years later, he’s still something of a mentor.

‘IC3’ is the title of Oscar #Worldpeace’s latest project, a four-track offering that sees him tackle the British police identity code for ‘black male’ and the other hurtful and damaging stereotypes that affect this group of society on a daily basis. “The focal point of this project is my thoughts and opinions on police brutality and growing up as a black male in Tottenham,” says Oscar of his intelligent, thought-provoking body of work. “I don’t approach music from a fantasy world... I approach it from a real place.”

The ‘IC3’ EP by Oscar #Worldpeace is out now on World Peace

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