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Get to know Francis Inferno Orchestra, the house maestro turned ambient explorer

From unique 4/4 to Zen-inspiring new age

  • Louis Anderson-Rich
  • 27 October 2017
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But this hectic cycle has sparked a change in direction, James swapping the steady thud of a kick-drum for no beats at all on his latest project. ‘Francis Inferno Orchestra presents Veranda Culture’ is 10 tracks of zoned-out soundscapes, weird synths and field recordings that will simultaneously hold you in states of contentment, reflection and above all else, Zen.

“I hope it’s an album that people can take mushrooms to and listen to at home,” he explains. “That’s the goal. You should be able to put it on when cooking dinner, or taking psilocybins with your friends in a field somewhere.”

Recorded over a three-year span, the album has also influenced his next move.

“I think I’m going to go home for four of five months because I haven’t been home properly for five years,” he tells us. “I’m gonna go back and do some bush-bashing, drive out into the countryside and be at one with nature and shit.”

Luckily, he’s got the perfect album to soundtrack it. Mushrooms optional.

Francis Inferno Orchestra Presents ‘Veranda Culture’ is out now on Veranda Culture. Buy it here

This feature is taken from the November issue of Mixmag

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