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5 of the best miniature synths

Big isn’t better when it comes to these killer compact machines

  • Gavin Herlihy
  • 11 October 2017
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3 Moog ‘Minitaur’

As mini synths go this is on the larger size but we couldn’t make this list without either a mono synth or a Moog. Arturia’s Mini and Micro Brutes were tempting, but for a creamy filter and stylish design, Moog’s best compact mono synth is hard to beat. The firmware’s been updated with new sound design tools and user requests.

£435, www.moogmusic.com

4 Anyware Instruments ‘Minisizer’

This palm-sized gadget pushes the envelope. An analogue one-voice box with over 100 patch points and 24 knobs, you can patch in your sounds using Prototype cables. There’s an oscillator with six waveforms, ring modulation, Moog style filters, two LFOs and six mini jack ports.

£363, www.anyware-instruments.de

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