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20 techno tracks that knocked 2016 sideways

Pure energy

  • Words: Marcus Barnes | Image: Khris Cowley
  • 24 December 2016

What a year it’s been for techno, we’ve had everyone from Robert and Lyric Hood to Ben Klock representing on the cover of Mixmag and witnessed some unforgettable sets at clubs and festivals around the world. At the heart of every set are the tunes that really capture the crowd’s imaginations, the ones that make you turn to a mate and say, “What the hell is this?!” before you totally lose yourself in the music. Every year there are tracks that become ubiquitous, that change the landscape, touch the very core of your soul or all of the above and more. Here we’ve assembled a small selection of some of the tracks that have made 2016 such a brilliant year in this realm of music.

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