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21 unreleased tracks that need an official release

As we patiently wait for gold by Four Tet, Burial and many more to drop...

  • Harrison Williams & Jasmine Kent-Smith
  • 29 March 2017
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5 Joy Orbison 'GR Etiquette'

Back in 2011 Joy Orbison’s ‘GR Etiquette’ made rounds on the club circuit with its sultry vocals, smooth, deep tones and unique rhythm structure. The track samples a vocal from Jamie Foxx’s ‘Can I Take You Home’, reason why it likely won't see an official release. Last year Four Tet had a b2b session with Joy Orbison on BBC Radio 1 and they ended the set with ‘GR Etiquette’, which sparked new rumours. Each year it seems a new rumour circulates and 6 years later we still don’t know for sure. They say patience is a virtue, is it now?

6 Radiohead 'Lift

A tune Radiohead fans have been pining over for the last 20 years. ‘Lift’ is the epitome of the angst-driven, soul-baring sound made famous by Thom Yorke and co. It also sounds oddly alike another track you’ve probably heard rinsed at weddings, karaoke, Christmas parties, or anything that involves forced dancing sans gun fingers in clothes deemed ‘smart-casual’…

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