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10 major festival fuck-ups

When partying goes very wrong

  • Patrick Hinton
  • 12 May 2017
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Leeds Festival locking Evian Christ in a cage

Green rooms, stacked riders, champagne on tap. DJs are treated like gods, right? Not so for Evian Christ at Leeds festival in 2015, in one of the strangest festival incidents we can think of. Instead of being waited on hand and foot by an artist liaison, the Kanye West collaborator was locked in a makeshift cage backstage by security accusing him of trying to break into the festival. Despite him being booked on the line-up and having just performed. A #FreeEvian campaign on Twitter and a heroic rescue attempt from Brodinski failed, and he remained locked in the cage by the unreasonably security staff for over an hour. Instead of apologising, festival owner Melvin Benn then publicly defamed Evian Christ, accusing him of being intoxicated. And a cage was setup at sister event Reading festival and labelled as Evian Christ’s backstage area, as spotted by Hudson Mohawke. This prompted Evian Christ to take to Facebook and explain what really went down in detail. We’re still reeling.

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