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10 iconic Ricardo Villalobos moments

We've managed to narrow it down to 10, somehow

  • Patrick Hinton
  • 3 March 2017

Ricardo Villalobos is a gift to dance music that keeps on giving. He's provided the world with hours and hours of mindblowing sounds, his DJ sets are consistently triumphs, and on the rare occasions that we get an insight into the man behind the music it's usually an enthralling experience.

Although he doesn't use the internet, his presence across it is considerable. We've scoured all corners of the web to compile 10 iconic moments starring the Chilean-German maestro. Check them out below.

The mysterious 2009 documentary ‘Villalobos’ that next to no one has seen

Ricardo is one of the most enigmatic figures in dance music, and something that adds greatly to the mystery is something that should have demystified it. In 2009 the filmmaker Romuald Karmakar shot a documentary titled Villalobos, which is described on IMDB as “a look at the life and work of Chilean DJ Ricardo Villalobos”, but the film isn’t available to watch anywhere, and doesn’t appear to have been shown outside of a screening at the Venice Film Festival. There’s an intense clamour online from people desperate to see the film, but it’s yielded no results, and it seems like we’ll never get the pleasure.

A few reviews exist online, which are mixed, to say the least. Spanish website Otros Cines labelled it a “masterpiece” and Sight & Sound described it as “a brilliant journey into the soul of music and rhythm.” However, one IMDB user called it “one of the clumsiest and most amateurishly created films in recent years,” and on a similar tip, Rich On Film said it is “possibly the single worst thing I have ever seen at a film festival,” asserting rather strongly “do not see it! Please! For the love of God let me do you a favour.” Either way, we’re definitely intrigued.

Showing up to another film premiere in a cloud-patterned jumpsuit

As a rule, film premieres are quite formal affairs, marking the occasion when all the hard work a cast and crew have put in is debuted. Naturally, when the Villalobos-featuring If I Think Of Germany At Night documentary aired for the first time at the Berlin International Film Festival last month he rocked up wearing a cloud-patterned jumpsuit and bumbag on his waist, with a black blazer adding that classy finish. The blazer makes the outfit for us. The way it’s hanging open, unbuttoned, gives it the look of being thrown on last minute. We’re imagining Ricardo scurrying out his front door, then catching his billowing reflection in the mirror and thinking: “Perhaps I should be smarter for this international film premiere? Fuck it, wrapping a blazer round these glorified pyjamas will do.” We love you Ricardo.

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