Eli & Fur announce sophomore album 'Dreamscapes'

The duo have shared second album single 'Golden Eyes and Tears' to accompany the news

Eli & Fur have announced their second album, 'Dreamscapes', set for release on September 27.

Alongside the announcement, the London-born, now LA-based duo have shared track 'Golden Eyes and Tears', modelling as the second single from the forthcoming LP, following the previously shared 'Insomnia' which marked the beginning of a body of work two years in the making.

'Golden Eyes and Tears' taps into a reminiscent feeling, sonically capturing the "euphoric high of the moments that made the night". The track welcomes an ambient soundscape in attempt to embody this nostalgic feeling, with an analog warmth and the duo's vocals to boot.

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“This track is for the more introspective moments," the pair explain. "Think about your favourite part of the night. Maybe it’s the getting ready process, or dancing with friends, or the great conversation, or the random conversation about absolutely nothing… whatever it is, it’s funny and special and beautiful. One of our favourite moments is when it’s all over. You get home after chasing the sunrise and you are just reminiscing and taking it all in. 'Golden Eyes And Tears' is a love song for the thoughtful early mornings. Looking out the window in the taxi on your way home, or just winding down, running through the night in your head.”

You can check out its video below:

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In its entirety, the 'Dreamscapes' album spans 15 tracks, built around the notion of - and feelings associated with - "the introspective, yet transformative spaces that come alive between the hours of dusk and dawn".

"‘Dreamscapes’ is a body of work we've been creating for the last two years," they add. "It’s inspired by the moments between dusk and dawn, getting lost in the night, moving from dance floor to dance floor, interspersed by periods of introspective solitude. The album is an appreciation of the beauty of the night and everything it brings, an exploration of all the emotions that come to pass as we journey through the night."

Set to touch down in London, Los Angeles and New York City, the showcases are promised to "breathe life into each track" and allow those in attendance to experience the album in a method aside from the usual DJ set. Opting for a focus on an overarching concept rather than a specific genre, it paves the way for Eli & Fur's forthcoming live tour.

Whilst 'Dreamscapes' isn't set for release until September 27 - which you can pre-order here - you can check out second single 'Golden Eyes and Tears' now. Do so here.

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