​Maribou State “press pause” on their project due to health issues

The duo have cancelled all forthcoming shows and postponed the release of their next record

Maribou State are “pressing pause” on their joint project due to ongoing health issues suffered by the duo’s Chris Davids, they announced yesterday.

The duo explained on Instagram that they will no longer be performing at any of their forthcoming shows, and have postponed the release of their next album.

“In 2022 I was diagnosed with a rare brain condition called Chiari malformation,” Chris explained in the post. “It had been the cause of a mix of symptoms including; debilitating headaches, insomnia and bad mental health.”

He added that these symptoms impacted both his life and productivity in the studio while the pair were “hidden away” working on their third full-length album over the past few years.

“After trying a variety of conservative treatments I made the difficult decision to undergo brain surgery in November last year,” he said, adding that the surgery was successful “for the most part”.

“The symptoms have now either been resolved or are in remission, however there were multiple complications that have since slowed down my recovery and presented me with new challenges, that five months on, are still ongoing,” Chris explained.

The duo said that they came to the “hard decision” to press pause on their project temporarily while Chris recovers, including the cancellation of all forthcoming shows, which he said require “so much more love and energy than I’m currently able to give”.

“We know this will come as very disappointing news for those who have purchased tickets and have been patiently waiting on new music.”

In July 2023, Maribou State shared their first new music in three years. ‘Blackoak’ was inspired by the likes of David Bowie, The Beatles, The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers and many more.

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