​Interest in daytime clubbing spikes with "800% increase" in online searches

A new study explores why daytime partying is piquing interests in the UK

A new study from Startle has found that interest in daytime clubbing is peaking with an “800% increase” in online searches.

The spiked interest in daytime clubbing has been attributed to a number of factors, including priority shifts and a continued decline in the number of nightclubs across the UK.

The study cites Nighttime Industries Association’s latest report, which revealed that one in five nightclubs have closed down in the past three years in the UK alone, facing issues with rent overheads and bills as the cost of living crisis continues.

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The study also found that the way over 30s are partying is shifting, and priorities now lie in health and wellbeing. “Individuals in this age bracket are experiencing a lifestyle shift,” said James Picken, music and behavioural science expert at Startle.

“Plans of a mortgage, children, and responsibilities such as pets are also on the cards, making folk think twice whether a 10:PM start for a night out is feasible.”

The study also found that, as the original “rave generation” hit their 50s, night-time events are becoming less appealing. “Daytime clubbing events give older generations the perfect opportunity to connect with people their own age and relive their youth,” Picken says.

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In February, The Guardian spoke to the founders of a new over-50s daytime clubbing event in Sheffield, Day Fever, helmed by filmmaker Jonny Owen and Line of Duty actress Vicky McClure.

“I had an idea about going out in the afternoons, sort of like traditional clubbing, as I call it,” Jonny Owen told The Guardian. “We thought we’d give it a go and see how it goes. We had no idea what the reaction would be.”

One Day Fever clubgoer explained: “You can meet for lunch, come here and then come home, go let the dog out, watch the 10 o’clock news. You’ve got your Sunday free. I’m in my 50s, we’re the generation who invented rave in Ibiza.”

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