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Sony's Xperia Touch can turn any surface into a touchscreen

The portable projector could revolutionise DJing

  • Alex Green
  • 31 July 2017

Sony has launched a new piece of technology that may revolutionise the way we make and play music on the move.

The Xperia Touch claims to "add a new dimension to your home". In practice, the nifty piece of kit not only projects onto any surface but turns that surface into a touch interface. Now, any surface can become your touch screen.

Not only could the Xperia Touch change the way we watch video, play games and listen to music, it could also change the way we DJ. In the promotional video, which you can view below, the Xperia is shown projecting a set of virtual turntables as well as a keyboard against a table surface.

Could this be a hint towards a pair of turntables you can keep in your back pocket?

Xperia Touch combines an infrared light array with 60fps camera capture to turn a flat surface in your home into a 23-inch touchscreen. It will automatically turn on when you approach, can be used as a clock when fixed to a wall or can be set up as a message board at the entrance to your home.

But let's be honest, what we are really interested in is its capability as a medium for producing and playing music. Only time will tell how useful this tech really is. However, this is certainly a step in the right direction.

Xperia Touch retails from £1,299. Check out the full specs via Sony's website.

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