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The rising house star serves up more sun-drenched beats

  • Mixmag Staff
  • 6 July 2015

One look at XO's SoundCloud page and you can tell the kid is popular. Hailing from Stoke-On-Trent, Sunil Heera has already amassed over 1 million plays on the streaming service and that's only through five or so tracks.

His latest EP will drop on July 20 via He Loves You Not Recordings and 'The Ethereal Experience' is his most well-rounded work to date. It's four tracks of sun-drenched, emotion-laced house that comes backed with hefty R&B swagger.

A couple of the tracks are already on his SoundCloud but today we premiere 'The Light' and this could be our favourite track on the record.

The track is a slo-mo stomper, one that rarely goes above 94bpm but what it lacks in pace it makes up for in style and groove. Glitzy synths, washed-out vocals and delicate production contribute to one of XO's best tracks to date.

'The Ethereal Experience' will be released on July 20 via He Loves You Not Recordings

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